Employees at the Department of Pharmacy

Employees at the Department

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Name Title Phone E-mail
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A L Carneiro Soares Do Nascimento Guest Researcher   E-mail
Abhijeet Girish Lokras PhD Fellow +4571826277 E-mail
Ajda Stepien Cleaning Assistant +4535327553 E-mail
Alberte Bay Villekjær Pedersen Research Assistant +4535334406 E-mail
Aleksandra Stec Erasmus Master Student   E-mail
Alexander Svendsen Laboratory Technician +4535329782 E-mail
Aliz Kispal External   E-mail
Alnisa Mahmood Chaudhary Master Student   E-mail
Aly Shamseddin Postdoc   E-mail
Amal Elbahi Master Student   E-mail
Amor Rayco Caceres Perez Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Amy Mirzai Nielsen Master Student   E-mail
Anan Yaghmur Associate Professor +4535336541 E-mail
Anders Christian Nørgaard Hansen External, Ph.d Student +4535328110 E-mail
Anders Støttrup Larsen Guest Researcher +4535332928 E-mail
Anders Østergaard Madsen Associate Professor   E-mail
Andrea Heinz Associate Professor +4535337783 E-mail
Aneesh Thakur No job title +4535333938 E-mail
Anette Müllertz Professor +4535336440 E-mail
Ann-Sofie Lindegaard Lindhage Administrative Officer +4535335496 E-mail
Anna Birna Almarsdóttir Professor +4535333715 E-mail
Anna-Lena Schaedel PhD Fellow +4535336152 E-mail
Anne Frederiksen External   E-mail
Anne Schou Rodenberg Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Anni Bonde Laursen Service Assistant +4535336285 E-mail
Anton Berg Hansen PhD Fellow +4524499708 E-mail
Armin Andersen Research Assistant +4535325194 E-mail
Asger Halfdan Grønborg-Jensen Laboratory Assistant +4535327701 E-mail
Barbora Hrebikova External   E-mail
Ben Boyd Professor +4535323547 E-mail
Benjamin Thomas Walters External   E-mail
Bente Gammelgaard Professor +4535336415 E-mail
Bente Lisbet Larsen Laboratory Technician +4535336493 E-mail
Birger Brodin Larsen Professor +4535336169 E-mail
Birgitte Eltong Laboratory Coordinator +4535336171 E-mail
Birthe Wielandt Houe Head of Administration +4535330284 E-mail
Bita Kohandani Master Student   E-mail
Bjarne Styrishave Associate Professor +4535336265 E-mail
Bulut Bulduk External   E-mail
Burak Özgür Industrial Postdoc +4535331471 E-mail
Camilla Foged Professor +4535336402 E-mail
Camilla Hald Gregersen PhD Fellow +4535329864 E-mail
Camilla Jantzen Asgreen PhD Fellow +4535321231 E-mail
Camilla Jensen Laboratory Technician +4535336416 E-mail
Caroline Buhl Research Assistant +4535325765 E-mail
Caroline Despicht Research Assistant   E-mail
Catharina Margrethe Lerche Associate Professor +4521470444 E-mail
Cecilie-Mathilde Sørensen Research Assistant +4535327603 E-mail
Charlotte Vermehren Guest Researcher +4535323645 E-mail
Chengqian Zhang PhD Student   E-mail
Chenyang Wu PhD Student   E-mail
Christian Dehlendorff Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Christian Janfelt Associate Professor +4535336557 E-mail
Christina Balslev Rindshøj Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Christine Erikstrup Hallgreen Associate Professor +4535337079 E-mail
Claus Cornett Associate Professor +4535336266 E-mail
Cristiana Cunha PhD Fellow +45+351934570751 E-mail
Céline Gaillard Bonde Master Student   E-mail
Danai Anastasia Panou Postdoc +4553490278 E-mail
Daniel Alexander Støvring Laima PhD Fellow   E-mail
Daniel Bar-Shalom Associate Professor +4535336351 E-mail
David Bradley Horton Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Dea Sandal Master Student   E-mail
Denny Suljovic PhD Fellow   E-mail
Dorte Bjørn-Larsen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Dorthe Ørbæk Laboratory Technician +4535336179 E-mail
Débora Dalmas Gräf PhD Fellow +4535330620 E-mail
Effimia Valavani Research Fellow   E-mail
Elisabeth Bredgaard Jensen Laboratory Assistant +4535333675 E-mail
Emilie Marie Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535336317 E-mail
Ervin Paknejadi Master Student   E-mail
Esben Trabjerg Assistant Professor +4593981248 E-mail
Eva Maiken Holck Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Fernanda Endringer Pinto External   E-mail
Frederik Bock PhD Fellow +4535326529 E-mail
Freja Fredholt PhD Fellow +4535321572 E-mail
Gisele Regina Rodrigues Guest Researcher   E-mail
Gowtham Sathyanarayanan Postdoc +4535336463 E-mail
Grzegorz Sebastian Czyrski PhD Fellow +4535323722 E-mail
Gunhild Joensen Visitor   E-mail
Habibullah Jan PhD Fellow   E-mail
Hannah Grønbech Kolberg PhD Fellow   E-mail
Hanne Mørck Nielsen Professor +4535336346 E-mail
Hanyang Li Master Student   E-mail
Haoxin Le PhD Fellow +4535323883 E-mail
Heidi Fosgerau Laboratory Technician +4535323850 E-mail
Helle Christiansen PhD Fellow +4535337463 E-mail
Henrik Sandbeck Harksen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Holger Grohganz Associate Professor +4535336473 E-mail
Huiling Mu Associate Professor +4535336187 E-mail
Hussein Forsberg Chaaban External, Ph.d Student +4535336730 E-mail
Ida Elise Mølgaard Hammer Master Student   E-mail
Ilari Ahola PhD Fellow +4535324621 E-mail
Ines Linseisen Master Student   E-mail
Inna Brakti PhD Fellow   E-mail
Inês Catarina Batista Martins Postdoc   E-mail
Inês Catarina Batista Martins Postdoc   E-mail
Ioannis Panagiotis Avgeris Research Fellow   E-mail
Jack Barrett Visiting Student   E-mail
Jacob Rune Jørgensen External +4535334727 E-mail
Jane Krogh Johannessen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Janine Marie Traulsen Part-time Lecturer +4535336355 E-mail
Janne Steen Kjærulff Department Secretary +4535336482 E-mail
Janni Støvring Mortensen Postdoc +4529259103 E-mail
Jennifer Anton Student   E-mail
Jens Christian Sidney Schönbeck Part-time Lecturer +4535324954 E-mail
Jesper Østergaard Professor +4535336138 E-mail
Jette Jacobsen Associate Professor +4535336299 E-mail
Jialin Zhao Visiting Student   E-mail
Jiayi Zhu Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Jiaying Shi PhD Student   E-mail
Jiayu Dai Visiting Student   E-mail
Jimmy Tan Nguyen Pham Master Student   E-mail
Jinjin Li PhD Student   E-mail
Joanne Mary Heade Postdoc   E-mail
Johan Peter Bøtker Associate Professor +4535336286 E-mail
Jonathan Currie PhD Fellow +4535336228 E-mail
Jukka Rantanen Professor +4535336585 E-mail
Jun Cai Guest Researcher +4535336516 E-mail
Jörg P. Kutter Professor +4535320399 E-mail
Jørn Sonnergaard Associate Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Kasper Dyrberg Rand Professor +4523712556 E-mail
Kathrine Winther Arnt Master Student   E-mail
Kathryn Browning Guest Researcher +4535332637 E-mail
Katrine Dalsgaard Jepsen Administrative Officer +4535323555 E-mail
Kenneth Munk Pedersen Laboratory Technician +4535336471 E-mail
Keyoomars Khorami PhD Fellow +4535331217 E-mail
Kirsten Andersen Laboratory Coordinator +4535336048 E-mail
Kleopatra Kalouta Research Assistant   E-mail
Konstantinos Raptis PhD Fellow +4535329382 E-mail
Korbinian Löbmann External +4535320541 E-mail
Kristine Langthaler External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Laila Magin Academic Officer +4535330979 E-mail
Laila Tognarelli Hansen Visitor   E-mail
Lars Halldor Jochimsen Assistant Engineer +4535336364 E-mail
Lasse Johansson Assistant Engineer +4524942633 E-mail
Lasse Saaby Affiliate Associate Professor   E-mail
Laura C Brinch-Fischer Rasmussen Research Assistant +4535325652 E-mail
Laura Kirstine Lilieholm-Røngren Bachelor student   E-mail
Laura Teinholt Finne External, Ph.d Student +4535334044 E-mail
Laura Victoria Jedig Lech External, Ph.d Student +4535328144 E-mail
Lauritz Falkow Brorsen External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Lea Krestine Henckel Brander Research Fellow   E-mail
Lene Jørgensen Associate Professor +4535336369 E-mail
Lotte Stig Nørgaard Associate Professor +4535336101 E-mail
Louise Norgil Donslund Master Student   E-mail
Louise Ryge Jensen Master Student   E-mail
Lourdes Cantarero Arevalo Associate Professor +4535336350 E-mail
Luisa Sophie Stutzke Master Student   E-mail
Lukas Frederic Westphal PhD Fellow +4535329747 E-mail
Luna Gade Sørensen PhD Fellow +4535323136 E-mail
Mai Bay Stie Postdoc +4535335196 E-mail
Malak Ebrahim El Azzawi Master Student   E-mail
Malene Sangild Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Manuel Gregoritza External   E-mail
Marco van de Weert Associate Professor +4535336186 E-mail
Marcus Daniel B B Lorensen PhD Fellow +4535337274 E-mail
Margo Hansigne Prener Master Student   E-mail
Marianne Johansen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Mariena van der Plas Associate Professor +4535332716 E-mail
Marlene Gyldmark Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Martin Malmsten Professor +4535334872 E-mail
Masoud Pazhman Master Student   E-mail
Mathias Møllebæk Postdoc +4535335403 E-mail
Melike Ongun PhD Student   E-mail
Melita Milosevic Service Assistant +4535336094 E-mail
Mengwei Wang Visiting Student   E-mail
Mette Due Theilade Thomsen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Mette Frandsen External +4535336033 E-mail
Mette Frandsen Tullin Master Student   E-mail
Mette Holmquist Pharmaconomist +4535336496 E-mail
Mette Klitgaard Jensen Postdoc +4535321270 E-mail
Mie Kristensen Associate Professor +4535336063 E-mail
Mikkel Juul Thomsen Laboratory Technician +4535325642 E-mail
Mingshi Yang Associate Professor +4535336141 E-mail
Miriam Breunig External   E-mail
Morten Sandager Simonsen Research Fellow   E-mail
Muhammad Ayub Khan Guest Researcher   E-mail
Murad Ahmad Issa Master Student   E-mail
Nana Bjertrup Laursen Master Student   E-mail
Nana Isabella Svane PhD Fellow   E-mail
Nana Isabella Svane Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Narjes Hussein Master Student   E-mail
Nasir Mahmood Ahmad Master Student   E-mail
Natalja Genina Associate Professor +4535337923 E-mail
Navid Poorkhabaz Master Student   E-mail
Nickolaj J. Petersen Associate Professor +4535336184 E-mail
Nikolai Constantin Brun Affiliate Professor +4535324627 E-mail
Nikolai Kristian Kiil-Nielsen External   E-mail
Nina Mertz Industrial Postdoc +4535330230 E-mail
Nursah Sekeroglu Master Student   E-mail
Nutdanai Lertsuphotvanit Visiting Student   E-mail
Nuzhat Shaheen Laboratory Technician +4535336571 E-mail
Omid Rouhi PhD Fellow +4535324986 E-mail
Passant Mohamed Mohamed A M Omar PhD Fellow   E-mail
Patrick Frøslev PhD Fellow   E-mail
Per Helboe Part-time Lecturer +4520289275 E-mail
Per Piren Glæsner External   E-mail
Per Sindahl Guest Researcher   E-mail
Përparim Jorgaq Canga Electronics Technician +4524942635 E-mail
Ragna Berthelsen Guest Researcher +4535336513 E-mail
Ragna Guldsmed Diedrichsen Postdoc +4535331270 E-mail
Ramune Jacobsen Associate Professor +4535334813 E-mail
Ramya Kweder Laboratory Technician +4535325653 E-mail
Rebekka Anna Trenkle PhD Fellow +4535325849 E-mail
Reece William McCabe PhD Fellow +4535334324 E-mail
Rikke Bartschick Hammershøi Research Fellow   E-mail
Rita Wulff Rasmussen Laboratory Technician +4535335349 E-mail
Robert Walter Babilon Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Rong Di PhD Student +4591999558 E-mail
Saahil Sandeep Baghel Research Assistant +4535328799 E-mail
Sadia Tabassam Arif Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sahar Esmati Master Student   E-mail
Samuel John Lenton Postdoc +4535334049 E-mail
Sana Ghayas Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sarah Lauridsen Master Student   E-mail
Seong Hoon Jeong Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sharada Sairam Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Signe Hvalsøe Andresen Master Student   E-mail
Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong Associate Professor +4535320009 E-mail
Sofia Zerva Master Student +4535327713 E-mail
Soodabeh Hassanpour Erasmus Master Student   E-mail
Stefan Stürup Associate Professor +4535336284 E-mail
Steffen Dirksen Special Consultant +4535320007 E-mail
Steffen Thirstrup Affiliate Professor +4553775345 E-mail
Stephan Ta External   E-mail
Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard Professor +4535336226 E-mail
Stine Rønholt Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535337313 E-mail
Susan Weng Larsen Associate Professor +4535336198 E-mail
Susanne Hermansen Laboratory Coordinator +4535336469 E-mail
Susanne Kaae Associate Professor +4535336273 E-mail
Sven Frøkjær Professor Emeritus +4535326439 E-mail
Tania Kjellerup Lind Visitor +4535331963 E-mail
Thomas Ole Tandrup Lambert Postdoc +4535336863 E-mail
Thomas Rades Professor +4535336032 E-mail
Tobias Palle Holm External, Ph.d Student +4535324931 E-mail
Toms Rekis Postdoc   E-mail
Torben Wrona Schramm Part-time Lecturer +4535335947 E-mail
Trine Graabæk Hansen Part-time Lecturer +4535332028 E-mail
Trine Graabæk Hansen Academic Staff +4535332028 E-mail
Trine Thureby Engelund Master Student   E-mail
Uwe Herter Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Venkatasubramanian Ramakrishnan PhD Fellow +4531887545 E-mail
Vibe Johanne Lehmann Rasmussen Master Student   E-mail
Vito Foderà Associate Professor +4535336131 E-mail
Xuedan Sun PhD Student   E-mail
Xuezhi Zhuo External, Ph.d Student +4591605400 E-mail
Yang Hwan Yun Laboratory Technician +4535336375 E-mail
Yanushia Arasu Guest Researcher   E-mail
You Xu PhD Fellow +4581910057 E-mail
Yuehua Deng Visiting Student   E-mail
Zhenning Shi PhD Student   E-mail
Ziwei Yu PhD Student   E-mail