Employees at the Department of Pharmacy

Employees at the Department

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Adam Bohr  E-mail
Alma AkhmetovaPhD fellow +45 353-26792E-mail
Amalie Ribel-MadsenPostdoc +45 353-28031E-mail
Anan YaghmurAssociate professor +45 353-36541E-mail
Anas Samir Mohammad Aljabbari  E-mail
Anders Støttrup LarsenPostdoc +45 353-32928E-mail
Anders Østergaard MadsenAssociate professor  E-mail
Andrea HeinzAssociate professor +45 353-37783E-mail
Andreas RedstedPhD fellow +45 353-36846E-mail
Andreas Christopher KretschmannAssociate professor +45 353-32416E-mail
Andrew BondAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Aneesh ThakurPostdoc +45 353-33938E-mail
Anette MüllertzProfessor +45 353-36440E-mail
Ann-Sofie Lindhage JørgensenAdministrative staff +45 353-35496E-mail
Anna Birna AlmarsdóttirProfessor  E-mail
Anne Linnet Skelbæk-Pedersen  E-mail
Anne Marie Shuhaiber ClemensenDepartment administrator +45 353-36134E-mail
Anne Mette HandlerPhD fellow, external  E-mail
Anne Schultz LaustsenMaster thesis student  E-mail
Anni Bonde LaursenService assistant +45 353-36285E-mail
Barbora HrebikovaProject officer +45 353-31056E-mail
Bente GammelgaardProfessor +45 353-36415E-mail
Bente Lisbet LarsenSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36493E-mail
Birger BrodinProfessor +45 353-36169E-mail
Birger BrodinProfessor +45 353-36169E-mail
Birgitte EltongLaboratory coordinator +45 353-36171E-mail
Bjarne StyrishaveAssociate professor +45 353-36265E-mail
Bruno Luigi Carlo BorroPhD fellow +45 353-36324E-mail
Burak OzgürPhD fellow +45 353-31471E-mail
Camilla FogedProfessor +45 353-36402E-mail
Camilla JensenLaboratory technician +45 353-36416E-mail
Cecilie Hurup MunkbølPostdoc  E-mail
Charlotte VermehrenAssociate professor +45 353-26402E-mail
Charlotte Goldeman AndersenPostdoc +45 353-32742E-mail
Christian JanfeltAssociate professor +45 353-36557E-mail
Christine Erikstrup HallgreenAssociate professor +45 353-37079E-mail
Christine Kopka HeerupVisiting Researcher +45 353-32606E-mail
Christine Kopka Heerup  E-mail
Christopher Johnson MwankunaVisitor  E-mail
Claus CornettAssociate professor +45 353-36266E-mail
Claus Selch LarsenProfessor emeritus  E-mail
Cosima HirschbergPhD student +45 353-31975E-mail
Dan Lundgren NørgaardLaboratory technician +45 353-30368E-mail
Danai Anastasia PanouPhD fellow +45 53 49 02 78E-mail
Daniel Bar-ShalomAssociate professor +45 353-36351E-mail
Danny SteffensenEngineer's assistant +45 353-31739E-mail
David Bradley HortonAssistant lecturer  E-mail
Dorthe ØrbækLaboratory technician +45 353-36179E-mail
Ebba Holme HansenProfessor emeritus  E-mail
Eleanor Rose DickinsonPostdoc  E-mail
Elin Lisby Kastbjerg JørgensenPostdoc +45 353-35623E-mail
Elisa Maria Parra OrtizAssistant professor +45 353-28251E-mail
Esben TrabjergExternal  E-mail
Eva Maiken HolckAssistant lecturer  E-mail
Feng WanAssistant professor +45 353-36076E-mail
Fernanda Endringer Pinto  E-mail
Fernanda Endringer Pinto  
Flemming MadsenHead of Department +45 353-36552E-mail
Frank RwegoshoraVisitor  E-mail
Frederik BockResearch assistant +45 353-26529E-mail
Freja Grønbæk-ThorsenResearch assistant +45 353-30620E-mail
Gerard Comamala GrauPhD fellow +45 353-31251E-mail
Gizem BorPhD fellow +45 353-34770E-mail
Hanne Mørck NielsenProfessor +45 353-36346E-mail
Hans Christian Cederberg HelmsAssistant professor +45 353-33454E-mail
Heidi Elise ÖblomPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Helle ChristiansenPhD fellow +45 353-37463E-mail
Helle Wallach KildemoesAffiliate associate professor +45 25 67 10 59E-mail
Henrik JensenAssociate professor +45 353-36484E-mail
Henrik PalmelundPhD fellow +45 353-33847E-mail
Henrik Sandbeck HarksenPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Holger GrohganzAssociate professor +45 353-36473E-mail
Hubertus Gerardus Maria LeufkensAffiliate Professor +31615659486E-mail
Huiling MuAssociate professor +45 353-36187E-mail
Hussein ChaabanPhD fellow +45 353-36730E-mail
Ida Christina RasmussenAcademic Staff +45 353-24178E-mail
Ingvar Rúnar MöllerPostdoc +45 353-20243E-mail
Jacob BannowPhD fellow +45 353-25350E-mail
Jacob Rune JørgensenPhD fellow +45 353-34727E-mail
Jan GøralLaboratory technician +45 353-26615E-mail
Janine Marie TraulsenPart-time lecturer +45 353-36355E-mail
Janne Steen KjærulffDepartment Secretary +45 353-36482E-mail
Janni Støvring MortensenPhD fellow +45 29 25 91 03E-mail
Jannik Brøndsted HovgaardResearch assistant +45 353-23752E-mail
Jens GraffLaboratory technician +45 353-34392E-mail
Jens Rose Fogh +45 61 76 12 67E-mail
Jeppe Hofman AndersenMaster thesis student  E-mail
Jesper ØstergaardProfessor +45 353-36138E-mail
Jette JacobsenAssociate professor +45 353-36299E-mail
Jianfei Huang +45 353-35750E-mail
Jijo Vallooran JoyAssistant professor +45 71 46 97 90E-mail
Jingwen Liu  E-mail
Jingying Liu  E-mail
Johan Peter BøtkerAssistant professor +45 353-36286E-mail
Johanne Mølby HansenResearch assistant +45 353-36472E-mail
Johannes Lennart Bohrmann  E-mail
Jonatan Riber GranborgPhD student  
Joo Hanne PoulsenPhD fellow  E-mail
Jukka RantanenProfessor +45 353-36585E-mail
Jun CaiPhD fellow +45 353-36516E-mail
Junwei Wang  E-mail
Jörg P. KutterProfessor +45 353-20399E-mail
Jørn SonnergaardAssociate professor emeritus  E-mail
Karen Wibe EnevoldsenAssistant lecturer  E-mail
Karina Juul VissingSenior laboratory technician +45 353-36059E-mail
Kasper BarslundMaster thesis student  E-mail
Kasper Dyrberg RandProfessor with special responsibilities +45 23 71 25 56E-mail
Katherine Claire TaylorStudent +45 353-34965E-mail
Kathryn BrowningAssistant professor, tenure track +45 353-32637E-mail
Kenn MannicheResearch assistant +45 353-36118E-mail
Kenneth Munk PedersenLaboratory technician +45 353-36471E-mail
Kirsten AndersenLaboratory coordinator +45 353-36048E-mail
Klaus Kaae AndersenPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Korbinian LöbmannAssociate professor +45 353-20541E-mail
Laila Tognarelli HansenLaboratory technician  E-mail
Lars Halldor JochimsenAssistant engineer +45 353-36364E-mail
Lasse JohanssonEngineer's assistant +45 24 94 26 33E-mail
Lasse SaabyResearcher at Bioneer FARMA  E-mail
Laura Hyrup MøllerAssistant professor +45 353-36283E-mail
Laura Rokkedahl GrauslundPhD fellow +45 353-25243E-mail
Laura Teinholt FinnePhD fellow +45 353-34044E-mail
Laura Teinholt FinnePhD fellow +45 353-34044E-mail
Laura Victoria Jedig LechPhD fellow +45 353-28144E-mail
Lene JørgensenAssociate professor +45 353-36369E-mail
Lene Grønne PedersenLaboratory coordinator +45 353-30477E-mail
Lina GruzinskytePhD fellow +45 353-26421E-mail
Liv Sofia Elinor DamgaardPhD fellow +45 353-36310E-mail
Lotte Stig NørgaardAssociate professor +45 353-36101E-mail
Louise Christine DruedahlPhD fellow +45 353-37424E-mail
Lourdes Cantarero ArevaloAssociate professor +45 353-36350E-mail
Mads Thorup DupontMaster thesis student  E-mail
Mahdi GhavamiGuest researcher  E-mail
Mai Bay StiePhD fellow +45 353-35196E-mail
Maja Nørgaard KristensenPhD fellow  E-mail
Malene Louise OlsenResearch assistant +45 353-23588E-mail
Marco van de WeertAssociate professor +45 353-36186E-mail
Marcus Daniel Bohn LorensenPhD fellow +45 353-37274E-mail
Marianne JohansenPart-time lecturer +45 33 19 34 95E-mail
Marie Louise (Marieke) De BruinProfessor +45 353-30818E-mail
Mariena van der PlasAssociate professor +45 353-32716E-mail
Martin MalmstenProfessor +45 353-34872E-mail
Mathias MøllebækPhD fellow +45 353-35403E-mail
Maximilian KarlPhD fellow +45 353-36112E-mail
Meghan Patricia Friis  E-mail
Melita MilosevicService assistant +45 353-36094E-mail
Mette FrandsenLaboratory technician  E-mail
Mette HolmquistPharmaconomist +45 353-36496E-mail
Mette Due Theilade ThomsenAssistant lecturer  E-mail
Mette Klitgaard JensenPhD Fellow +45 353-21270E-mail
Mie KristensenAssistant professor +45 353-36063E-mail
Mikkel HerzbergPhD fellow +45 51 33 09 39E-mail
Mingshi YangAssociate professor +45 353-36141E-mail
Monica AgnolettiResearch assistant +45 353-28068E-mail
Morten Enghave PedersenPhD fellow, external  E-mail
Nan LuPhD student  E-mail
Nana Isabella SvaneLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Natalia Teresa SkawinskaPhD fellow, external  E-mail
Natalja GeninaAssociate professor +45 353-37923E-mail
Natalja GeninaAssociate professor +45 353-37923E-mail
Natashia LarsenPhD student +45 353-35259E-mail
Nele HempelPhD fellow +45 353-26635E-mail
Netta BeerPostdoc +45 353-30042E-mail
Nickolaj J. PetersenAssociate professor +45 353-36184E-mail
Niklas Peter SeilundHolder of scholarship  E-mail
Nikolai Kristian Kiil-NielsenLaboratory technician  E-mail
Nina MertzPhD fellow +45 353-30230E-mail
Nuzat ShaheenLaboratory technician +45 353-36571E-mail
Patrick FrøslevResearch assistant +45 353-32682E-mail
Pauli KofodPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Per HelboePart-time lecturer +45 20 28 92 75E-mail
Per Sindahl  E-mail
Pernille Hannibal Jørgensen  E-mail
Pernille Kjærgaard Qwist +45 353-33038E-mail
Pernille Munk AndersenPharmaconomist +45 353-36077E-mail
Peter Jens Lindholm KurtzhalsAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Peter Ouma OkeyoPhD fellow +45 52 80 04 76E-mail
Poul Egon BertelsenPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Përparim Jorgaq CangaElectronics technician +45 24 94 26 35E-mail
Ragna BerthelsenAssistant professor +45 353-36513E-mail
Ragna Guldsmed DiedrichsenPhD fellow +45 353-31270E-mail
Ramune JacobsenAssistant professor +45 353-34813E-mail
Rasmus René SvejdalPhD fellow +45 24 42 90 83E-mail
Ricardo Alves BernardoVisiting PhD fellow  E-mail
Richard Ofori-AsensoPostdoc +45 353-32395E-mail
Rita Wulff RasmussenLaboratory technician +45 353-35349E-mail
Réka GéczyPhD fellow +45 353-32336E-mail
Samra Alam +45 353-26413E-mail
Sara Katarina Malekkhaiat HäffnerPhD fellow +45 353-32955E-mail
Scheyla Daniela Siqueira JørgensenPostdoc +45 353-21540E-mail
Selene BornatiAcademic Officer +45 353-25248E-mail
Shaolong He  E-mail
Sidra Yasmine HayatMaster thesis student  E-mail
Sofia Kälvemark SporrongAssociate professor +45 353-20009E-mail
Solveig Nordahl JacobsenResearch assistant  
Solveig Nordahl JacobsenResearch assistant +45 51 52 33 19E-mail
Sophie Susanna StrindbergPostdoc  E-mail
Stefan StürupAssociate professor +45 353-36284E-mail
Steffen DirksenAcademic Officer +45 353-20007E-mail
Stig Pedersen-BjergaardProfessor +45 353-36226E-mail
Stine Harloff-HellebergAssistant professor +45 353-37313E-mail
Susan Weng LarsenAssociate professor +45 353-36198E-mail
Susanne HermansenLaboratory coordinator +45 353-36469E-mail
Susanne KaaeAssociate professor +45 353-36273E-mail
Susanne Hedwig Dorothea StänderPhD fellow +45 353-26286E-mail
Sven FrøkjærProfessor +45 353-26439E-mail
Sylvia Natalie KlodzinskaPostdoc +45 353-34398E-mail
Søren Michael NielsenLaboratory technician +45 353-36197E-mail
Tam T. T. N. NguyenAssociate professor +45 353-36043E-mail
Tania Kjellerup LindAcademic Staff  E-mail
Thara HusseinLaboratory technician +45 353-36037E-mail
Thea Bill AndersenResearch assistant +45 353-37956E-mail
Thomas RadesProfessor +45 353-36032E-mail
Tobias Palle HolmPhD fellow +45 353-24931E-mail
Tonnie SkovhusPharmaconomist +45 353-36233E-mail
Torben Wrona SchrammPart-time lecturer +45 353-35947E-mail
Torbjörn CallréusPart-time lecturer  
Trine Graabæk HansenPart-time lecturer +45 353-32028E-mail
Troels Matias Dalgaard PedersenResearch assistant +45 353-26597E-mail
Urs Otto HäfeliProfessor +45 353-33582E-mail
Valeria CalvaresiPhD fellow +45 353-26087E-mail
Venkatasubramanian RamakrishnanResearch assistant +45 353-37237E-mail
Vibeke Brix ChristensenPart-time lecturer  
Vito FoderàAssociate professor +45 353-36131E-mail
Xiaona LiuPhD Fellow, guest +45 91 80 95 17E-mail
Xin Zhou  E-mail
Yang Hwan YunLaboratory technician +45 353-36375E-mail
Yingya WangPhD fellow, external +45 93 88 83 31E-mail
Yongquan Li +45 353-34823E-mail
Zahra Akil Meften Al-BadranStudent +45 353-30921E-mail
Zheng HuangResearch assistant +45 91 75 33 86E-mail
Zhuoxuan LiPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Zhuoxuan LiPhD student  E-mail
Zishan BazaiResearch assistant +45 353-25287E-mail
Zishuo YuanPhD fellow (affiliate)  E-mail