Claus Cornett

Claus Cornett

Associate Professor

Current research

Metabonomics Studies in Relation to Drug Metabolism. Pharmaceutical Spctroscopy

Primary fields of research

NMR spectroscopy applied to all sorts of structure elucidation and determination of physical chemical properties of small molecules. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites and metabolites thereof. Use of other analytical methods necessary to support these objects.
Hyphenation of NMR with HPLC and CZE in combination with MS. Flow Injection NMR. Optimization of the strategy for obtaining hyphenated NMR data.
Improvement of the processing of timeseries NMR data and chemometric methods applied to quantitative Analytical Chemistry.


Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, lab
Advanced Analytical Chemistry, to 1998, lect. + class
Choice and Validation af Analytical Methods, from 1998 lect. + class
Advanced Analytical Chemistry (project in analytical chemistry), lab
Physical Chemistry, lab
Physical Chemistry, lectures
Elementary EDP, class

Theses 2009

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