Education from the Department of Pharmacy

Education from the Department of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy is involved in different educational programmes organised at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. We deliver research-based undergraduate and postgraduate teaching through a range of pharmaceutically related courses, as well as project supervision. All the research is centred on drugs, thus underpinning the research foundation for the programmes. 

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers educational programmes including a bachelor's degree in Danish (Bachelor i farmaci), as well as two international master's programmes in English: MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and MSc in Medicinal Chemistry.

In addition, we offer continuous education programmes (Master of Industrial Drug Development and Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs), as well as courses at Copenhagen Summer University.














The Department employs a dozen of new PhD students each year, and we currently have 50 students enrolled in a PhD programme. A PhD programme is a three-year, full-time course concluding with a scientific thesis, which gives the title of Doctor to its defendant. As a PhD student, you are considered as a student within the faculty, but you are still employed on a salary.

You can enroll in two ways:

  • You can look at our vacant posts on UCPH's job portal. All applications must be sent digitally via the dedicated platform. The Department cannot consider spontaneous applications sent via email.
  • Alternatively, you and your supervisor can submit your own research project proposal and apply for some or all of your funding from other departments and foundations.

You will need to have completed your master's degree to apply.

The programme consists in an independent research project. You also attend relevant course modules, teach, write articles, and communicate your findings in other ways, by attending conferences. You will often be attached to several active research groups, some of which should ideally be international.

Based on your original research, you write a PhD thesis that will be assessed by a committee. You then defend your thesis in public.

All PhD students are enrolled in the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, and attend the specific Drug Research Academy programme.