Education from the Department of Pharmacy

Education from the Department of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy is involved in different educational programmes organised at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. We deliver research-based undergraduate and postgraduate teaching through a range of pharmaceutically related courses, as well as project supervision. All the research is centred on drugs, thus underpinning the research foundation for the programmes. 

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers educational programmes including a bachelor's degree in Danish (Bachelor i farmaci), as well as two international master's programmes in English: MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and MSc in Medicinal Chemistry.

In addition, we offer continuous education programmes (Master of Industrial Drug Development and Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs), as well as courses at Copenhagen Summer University.



As a master's thesis student at Department of Pharmacy, you take part in the daily work along with the other employees and are carrying out a delimited subproject under one of the current research projects. During this process, you will have one or more supervisors to guide you.

Read the Master Catalogue 2024

The thesis catalogue is intended to provide inspiration and help you pick the thesis that suits you best. The catalogue is structured so that each research group, along with its supervisors, is described with examples of theses. These descriptions should be viewed as tentative only, as the projects might be changed by future research findings. Therefore, the final projects will be defined in agreement with the students immediately before the start of the projects.

As there is a limit to the number of students on each project, you stand a greater chance of getting the thesis you want, the earlier you get going. You should also consider whether you wish to write your thesis alone or in collaboration with another student (in some instances, this may be a requirement).

You are always welcome to contact the Master’s thesis supervisors, if you require further information.