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About the Department

Medicines for the individual and the society

The mission of Department of Pharmacy is to advance the pharmaceutical sciences by performing drug-related research and research-based teaching. This happens within a range of topics including:

  • pharmaceutical technology and formulation
  • drug delivery
  • advanced drug analysis
  • clinical and social pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy emphasizes further development of internationally recognized programs of research and education. We are committed to serve the Danish society and the international scientific community with the Departments knowledge.

Drugs - from molecule to society

Drugs constitute the core in all the Department's research and education. The field of pharmacy is interdisciplinary by nature, and research and education at the Department are comprised by an integration of natural-, health-, social- and technical sciences.

The research groups at Department of Pharmacy represent a unique combination of academic competences. We are proud to say that it is precisely this combination of sciences that enables us to play a key role in the development of the pharmaceutical sciences in Denmark. This is further supported by our researchers' focus on collaborations with research groups from other institutions and companies.

Research is organized in groups

Research at Department of Pharmacy is organized in 12 research groups:

  • CNS Drug Delivery and Barrier Modelling
  • Drug Delivery and Biophysics of Biopharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing and Materials
  • Microscale Analytical Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Physical and Analytical Chemistry
  • Physiological Pharmaceutics
  • Protein Analysis Group
  • Social and Clinical Pharmacy
  • Solid State Pharmaceutics
  • Surface and Colloid Chemistry
  • Toxicology and Drug Metabolism
  • Vaccine Design and Delivery