Pharmaceutical Physical and Analytical Chemistry

The main purpose of the Pharmaceutical Physical and Analytical Chemistry Group is to develop novel approaches for physical chemical characterization drugs and delivery systems. The work paves the way for design of effective novel medicines and a better understanding of the fate of drug substances and delivery systems through application of quantitative analytical methods.






























































Group leader, Jesper Østergaard

Group Leader

Jesper Østergaard

Phone +45 35 33 61 38

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anan Yaghmur Associate Professor +4535336541 E-mail
Bente Gammelgaard Professor +4535336415 E-mail
Camilla Jensen Laboratory Technician +4535336416 E-mail
Frederik Bock PhD Fellow +4535326529 E-mail
Gizem Bor Research Assistant   E-mail
Huiling Mu Associate Professor +4535336187 E-mail
Jesper Østergaard Professor +4535336138 E-mail
Jianfei Huang External, Ph.d Student +4535335750 E-mail
Laura Teinholt Finne PhD Fellow +4535334044 E-mail
Nina Mertz PhD Fellow +4535330230 E-mail
Ragna Berthelsen Guest Researcher +4535336513 E-mail
Rita Wulff Rasmussen Laboratory Technician +4535335349 E-mail
Stefan Stürup Associate Professor +4535336284 E-mail
Susan Weng Larsen Associate Professor +4535336198 E-mail
Victor Philip Varming Rothe Bachelor student   E-mail