Solid State Pharmaceutics

The primary mission of the group is to develop pharmaceutical approaches to increase the quality and performance of solid dosage forms, based on investigating the underlying principles behind molecular mobility of drugs and excipients, their interaction with each other, and their connection to pharmaceutical performance.








































































Group leader, Holger Grohganz

Group Leader

Holger Grohganz
Associate Professor

Phone +45 35 33 64 73

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Aliz Kispal External   E-mail
Daniele Musumeci Guest Researcher   E-mail
Ji Zhou Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Jiajun Xie He Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Keyoomars Khorami External, Ph.d Student +4535331217 E-mail
Manuel Gregoritza External   E-mail
Miriam Breunig External   E-mail
Osama Ahmad El-Kilani Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Rong Di PhD Student +4591999558 E-mail
Sabrine Boucenna Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Stephan Ta External   E-mail
Xuezhi Zhuo External, Ph.d Student +4591605400 E-mail