CNS Drug Delivery and Barrier Modelling

The CNSBM group work with drug delivery to the brain. We investigate permeation mechanisms of drug compounds and develop artificial brain barriers for in vitro testing.


























































Group Leader

Mie Kristensen
Assistant Professor

Phone +45 35 33 60 63

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Alberte Bay Villekjær Pedersen Research Assistant +4535334406 E-mail
Amalie Kjær Andresen Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Anne Frederiksen External   E-mail
Birger Brodin Larsen Professor +4535336169 E-mail
Birgitte Eltong Laboratory Coordinator +4535336171 E-mail
Burak Özgür Industrial Postdoc +4535331471 E-mail
Camilla Sandberg Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Jonas Tufvesson Munkholm Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Lasse Saaby Affiliate Associate Professor   E-mail
Laura Kirstine Lilieholm-Røngren Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Lixia Gu Research Fellow   E-mail
Maria Thaysen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Mette Frandsen External +4535336033 E-mail
Mie Kristensen Associate Professor +4535336063 E-mail
Mohammed Al-Husaini Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Nana Isabella Svane PhD Fellow   E-mail
Snæfriður Gunnarsdóttir Master Thesis Student   E-mail