29 June 2023

Susanne Kaae new Professor at IF

Professor Susanne Kaae
Professor Susanne Kaae.

Susanne Kaae is now Professor at the Department of Pharmacy, where she has been a greatly appreciated researcher in social pharmacy since 2006. Professor Susanne Kaae is also leading the research group “Social and Clinical Pharmacy”.

Professor Susanne Kaae is committed to ensuring better drug treatment for patients. She was leader of the research/practice

project “Patient Centered Counseling in Community Pharmacy”, funded by EIT Health, a project that resulted in a new post curriculum for pharmacy staff in Denmark and the Netherlands on patient centred communication through the psychological approach of mentalizing.

Through mentalizing, i.e. professionalizing the relationship between staff member and patient, more drug related problems can be detected and resolved. During the next 3 years, the training will be implemented in half of all pharmacies in Denmark. Research to measure the effects of the mentalizing on patients and staff is ongoing, and new research studies are planned to explore mentalizing’s capacity to help patients with special medical needs.

Professor Susanne Kaae is also involved in ensuring better drug treatment through developing medicines better suited for patients, as she is involved in several interdisciplinary projects where drug development may be improved by integrating social pharmacy perspectives including the needs of the patient. She is in this regard member of the APV Task Force for Patient Centric Drug Development, where she develops new standards for measuring patients’ acceptability of drug formulations.