Social and Clinical Pharmacy

SCP’s vision is through its research to contribute to a better life with medicines through the newest knowledge about users, organizations and society and how these interact to shape medicines use in society. SCP’s researchers are open to changes in society and constantly seek to adapt their work to currently relevant research theories and methods, as well as being active in shaping the field.

Social and Clinical Pharmacy

Research focus

Social pharmacy seeks to have the broad view of medicines in society and focuses on how medicines are perceived, used, and managed by different actors in society. 

SCP’s research is mainly within three broad topic areas: Clinical Pharmacy, Medicines Use, and Pharmaceutical Policy. Research within each of these areas can overlap.  Research within each focus area can be situated on one or more of the levels of the user, organization and society.

Research in Clinical pharmacy focuses on the activities and services of the clinical pharmacist to develop and promote the rational and appropriate use of medicinal products and devices.

Medicines Use research seeks to gain understanding of medicine use in society and the rationales for using or not using medicines.

Pharmaceutical policy research deals with understanding and evaluating decision making in the field of pharmaceuticals. 


Staff at Social and Clinical Pharmacy

Group Leader: Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong

Group picture of Social and Clinical Pharmacy