Social and Clinical Pharmacy

SCP’s vision is through its research to contribute to a better life with medicines through the newest knowledge about users, organizations and society and how these interact to shape medicines use in society. SCP’s researchers are open to changes in society and constantly seek to adapt their work to currently relevant research theories and methods, as well as being active in shaping the field.


































































Group leader, Susanne Kaae

Group Leader

Susanne Kaae
Associate Professor

Phone +45 35 33 62 73

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Anna Birna Almarsdóttir Professor +4535333715 E-mail
Ebba Holme Hansen No job title   E-mail
Helle Wallach Kildemoes Affiliate Associate Professor +4525671059 E-mail
Laura Victoria Jedig Lech PhD Fellow +4535328144 E-mail
Lotte Stig Nørgaard Associate Professor +4535336101 E-mail
Lourdes Cantarero Arevalo Associate Professor +4535336350 E-mail
Mette Holmquist Pharmaconomist +4535336496 E-mail
Ramune Jacobsen Assistant Professor +4535334813 E-mail
Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong Associate Professor +4535320009 E-mail
Susanne Kaae Associate Professor +4535336273 E-mail
Trine Graabæk Hansen Research Assistant +4535332028 E-mail

External Researchers

Name Title E-mail
Janine Traulsen Part-time Lecturer
Trine Graabæk
Part-time Lecturer
Finn Guldmann Part-time Lecturer