16 August 2022

Redesigning mRNA vaccines with new project

Pharma Research

Professor Camilla Foged from Department of Pharmacy has received one mill. DKK from Novo Nordisk Foundation for the project “Design of novel lipid nanoparticles for next-generation mRNA vaccines”.

Professor Camilla Foged. Photo: Anton Willemann.
Professor Camilla Foged, Department of Pharmacy. Photo: Anton Willemann.

The safest and most effective vaccines against COVID-19 have been the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, 

although these vaccines have not been as effective as possible, in relation to creating complete immunity from COVID-19 infection. Among other things, this problem has been due to a lack of complete efficiency in the transport of the mRNA into the cells. Because of this, the immune system has not been able to benefit completely from the vaccines.

The project “Design of novel lipid nanoparticles for next-generation mRNA vaccines” will seek to develop a new solution to this problem by enhancing the lipid nanoparticles of the vaccine, and thus create the basis for more effective vaccines.

Professor Camilla Foged is leading the research group Vaccine Design and Delivery, and her research is focused on advanced drug delivery, designing new vaccines and nucleic acid delivery systems to improve therapy.

Professor Camilla Foged in the lab.
Professor Camilla Foged. Photos: Anton Willemann.