Vaccine Design and Delivery

One of the primary goals of the Vaccine Design and Delivery Group is to gain new fundamental knowledge that can facilitate the design, optimization and development of novel delivery systems capable of delivering loaded biopharmaceuticals to the intended target site(s). Vaccine Design and Delivery Group addresses the complex challenges associated with the formulation and targeted delivery of vaccines and nucleic acid-based therapeutics.




































































Group leader, Camilla Foged

Group Leader

Camilla Foged

Phone +45 35 33 64 02

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Group members

Internal researchers

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Abhijeet Girish Lokras PhD Fellow +4571826277 E-mail
Aneesh Thakur Assistant Professor +4535333938 E-mail
Astrid Walther Christiansen Visitor   E-mail
Camilla Foged Professor +4535336402 E-mail
Jinjin Li PhD Student   E-mail
Lea Skak Filtenborg Frederiksen Research Assistant +4535337280 E-mail
Melike Ongun PhD Student   E-mail
You Xu PhD Fellow +4581910057 E-mail
Zhenning Shi Visitor   E-mail

Navn Titel E-mail
Saahil Sandeep Baghel Visitor E-mail
Louise Despiegelaere Visitor E-mail
Siqi Feng Visitor E-mail
Melike Ongun PhD stud E-mail
Simon Papai Guest Researcher E-mail
Ivo Philip Edmond Tielbeek Visitor E-mail
Yang Hwan Yun Lab Technician E-mail