Nickolaj J. Petersen

Nickolaj J. Petersen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

EME (Electro Membrane Extraction)

CE-ESI-MS (Capillary Electrophoresis - Electrospray Ionization - Mass Spectrometry)

Ionic transport during electrokinetically driven separations
Miniaturized systems (µ-TAS), micro- and nanofluidics

Concentration techniques
Capillary electrochromatography (CEC)


Compulsory courses:

SFAB20035U  Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry

3926-E21;Farmaceutisk fysisk kemi II - Kinetik og transportfænomener, øvelser

Elective courses:

SFAK20014U  Principles and Practice of Bioanalysis

Ph.D Courses:

Sample Preparation and Separation Techniques in Bio-Analytical Chemistry

Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Separation Techniques in Bioanalytical Chemistry


Supervision / thesis:

Department of Pharmacy Master Thesis Catalogue 2023, p. 25-28

Capillary electrophoresis - electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, CE-ESI-MS

Electromembrane extraction devices for studying drug metabolism

Insects for Drug Discovery


Earlier assiged courses:

SFABIF114U Farmaceutisk analytisk kemi

SFABA0261U Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental

SFABA0262U Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental, Laboratory Course

SLVKA0361U Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry

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