Medicinens Verden: Who wants to live forever? What is aging? And how can aging be slowed down?

Young and old hands.

A glass of white wine, red wine or bottled water will be served at the event.

A Medicinens Verden talk by Associate Professor Andrea Heinz.

Every time we take a look in the mirror, we get reminded of our skin wrinkling, increasing with each passing year. Sometimes, we

wish that we could halt this aging process and maintain a permanent youthful look with a smooth and elastic skin well into old age.

The cosmetic industry plays on this hope, offering creams, powders and capsules, which promise a reduction of our wrinkles and an enhancement of our skin elasticity. But do these products really work? And what can we actually do slow down or even reverse the aging process?

This presentation will provide you with answers to these questions and take you on a tour through the science of human aging. Particular focus will be placed on the structural changes of the skin during aging and the measures we can take to protect a healthy skin structure while we slowly get older.

About the researcher

Associate Professor Andrea Heinz

Andrea Heinz is Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacy and leads the research group Novel Drug Delivery Systems at the LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery. See her full researcher profile here.

With her research, Andrea seeks to shed light on the mechanisms of skin aging, including the formation of wrinkles, and their potential prevention. Moreover, her group aims to develop personalized cutaneous treatment solutions against inflammatory skin diseases, which correspond to the patient’s individual disease state.