23 Nov. - 27 Nov. 2020

Copenhagen: PhD course in Human Digestion and Absorption - a Mechanistic Understanding

PhD course that is focused on the gastro-intestinal tract and the mechanism of absorption for both drugs and nutrient,particularly on the importance of fundamental knowledge of digestive processes and the impact of intestinal fluid composition on dissolution of the drug, as well as awareness of microbiota and the intestinal immune system role for the therapeutic effect of the drug, and selection of suitable in vitro and in vivo models for characterization of the drug and delivery system.
1 Dec. 2020 - 30 Apr. 2021

Online Nordic POP PhD course on Nanomedicine (5 ECTS)

Åbo Akademi University is offering a great opportunity to Nordic POPers to take part in a one-time PhD course in Nanomedicine. Our annual Nanomedicine course is normally given as a physical course in spring butdue to the current corona restrictions, also this course was moved online. Since the annual December course on Nanomedicine normally held in Tromsø cannot be offered to the Nordic POP audience due to the corona restrictions, the Nordic POP PhD students are now welcomed to complete our already existing  online course instead.