Toxicology and Drug Metabolism

We perform experimental research revealing the toxicological, metabolic and endocrine effects of xenobiotics, especially pharmaceuticals, with the aim of assessing their risks to humans and biota. We apply variousin vitro, ex vivo and in vivoassays and advanced analytical techniques, such as LC-MS and mass spectrometry imaging.
































































Group leader, Bjarne Styrishave

Group Leader

Bjarne Styrishave
Associate Professor

Phone +45 35 33 62 65

Group/project members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Christian Nørgaard Hansen PhD fellow +45 353-28110 E-mail
Andreas Christopher Kretschmann Associate professor +45 353-32416 E-mail
Anne Mette Handler PhD fellow, external   E-mail
Bjarne Styrishave Associate professor +45 353-36265 E-mail
Christian Janfelt Associate professor +45 353-36557 E-mail
Christopher Johnson Mwankuna   E-mail
Fernanda Endringer Pinto   E-mail
Fernanda Endringer Pinto  
Jiaqi Mi Postdoc   E-mail
Jonatan Riber Granborg PhD student  
Kenneth Munk Pedersen Laboratory technician +45 353-36471 E-mail
Lauritz Falkow Brorsen PhD fellow, external   E-mail
Marcus Daniel Bohn Lorensen PhD fellow +45 353-37274 E-mail
Mathilde Roed Kam   E-mail
Niels Bjerre Holm   E-mail
Susanne Hermansen Laboratory coordinator +45 353-36469 E-mail