Physiological Pharmaceutics

Based on physiologically relevant in vitro models for drug dissolution, solubilization and absorption, we develop oral delivery systems with the desired therapeutic profile.






























































Group leader, Anette Müllertz

Group Leader

Anette Müllertz

Phone +45 35 33 64 40

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
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A L Carneiro Soares Do Nascimento Postdoc   E-mail
Anette Müllertz Professor +4535336440 E-mail
Anne Frederiksen External   E-mail
Athanasia Vapori Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Daniel Bar-Shalom Associate Professor +4535336351 E-mail
Fatima Al-Rifai Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Jacob Rune Jørgensen External +4535334727 E-mail
Jasmin Inga Rahnami Mannstaedt Research Fellow +4535334973 E-mail
Jette Jacobsen Associate Professor +4535336299 E-mail
Jiaying Shi PhD Student   E-mail
Jonathan Currie PhD Fellow +4535336228 E-mail
Laila Tognarelli Hansen Visitor   E-mail
Laura Müller Postdoc +4535329307 E-mail
Louise Møller Jacobsen Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Magdalena Anna Prosolowicz Master Thesis Student   E-mail
Matthias Manne Knopp Guest Researcher +4553831386 E-mail
Mette Klitgaard Jensen Postdoc +4535321270 E-mail
Nawar Bashir Master Student   E-mail
Niharika Naidu Polamarasetty Visiting Student +4535328570 E-mail
Passant Mohamed Mohamed A M Omar PhD Fellow   E-mail
Tania Kjellerup Lind Visitor +4535331963 E-mail
Tobias Meulengracht External   E-mail
Xenia Skjødt Laursen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Yang Hwan Yun Laboratory Technician +4535336375 E-mail
Ziwei Yu PhD Student   E-mail