Gizem Bor

Gizem Bor

Research assistant

Current research

BRAIN-PENetrating cubosomal and hexosomal NANOcarriers for glioma-targeting delivery

The main problems in treating brain tumors are the limited permeability of the blood brain barrier (BBB) to anti-cancer therapeutics and the high sensitivity of healthy surrounding tissues. Recent studies showed that nanoparticulate formulations are attractive candidates for glioblastoma therapy as they can migrate the compromised regions of the BBB (tumor enhanced permeability retention effect) and release their drug cargo at the vicinity of the brain tumors. Through precision nano-engineering and an interdisciplinary integrated approach, this research project focuses on the formulation of immune-safe non-lamellar liquid crystalline nanocarriers for bioimaging of - and concomitant drug delivery to - cancerous brain tumors, by dual encapsulation of an imaging probe and an anticancer drug in the internal nanostructures of cubosomes and hexosomes. Cubosomes and hexosomes are intriguing nanoparticles with unique self-assemblies providing reservoirs for accommodating imaging probes as well as poorly water-soluble anticancer drugs.

ID: 185054328