Manufacturing and Materials

The purpose of our research is to generate new knowledge enabling the safe and efficient manufacturing of medicinal products. Our international team is aiming to integrate experimentally based approaches with fundamental understanding of physical, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering principles, including computer simulation of the system’s behaviour.






























































Group leader, Jukka Rantanen

Group Leader

Jukka Rantanen

Phone +45 35 33 65 85

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Støttrup Larsen Postdoc +45 353-32928 E-mail
Anders Østergaard Madsen Associate professor   E-mail
Barbora Hrebikova   E-mail
Chengqian Zhang Visiting PhD Fellow   E-mail
Dorthe Ørbæk Laboratory technician +45 353-36179 E-mail
Johan Peter Bøtker Associate professor +45 353-36286 E-mail
Jukka Rantanen Professor +45 353-36585 E-mail
Jørn Sonnergaard Associate professor emeritus   E-mail
Lene Jørgensen Associate professor +45 353-36369 E-mail
Mikkel Herzberg PhD fellow +45 51 33 09 39 E-mail
Mingshi Yang Associate professor +45 353-36141 E-mail
Natalja Genina Associate professor +45 353-37923 E-mail
Nuzhat Shaheen Laboratory technician +45 353-36571 E-mail
Pernille Munk Andersen Pharmaconomist +45 353-36077 E-mail
Toms Rekis Postdoc   E-mail
Tonnie Skovhus Pharmaconomist +45 353-36233 E-mail
Yingya Wang PhD fellow, external +45 93 88 83 31 E-mail