13 November 2023

Celebrating our new Professor Vito Foderà

Pharma News

Thursday November 9 we celebrated Vito Foderà’s inauguration as Professor here at Department of Pharmacy.

Professor Vito Foderà.

After Head of Department Jukka Rantanen had held his introducing speech, Vito Foderà gave his lecture with the title “Protein Self-Assemby: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Here, the new Professor gave an overview of his career and how each career step had been related to his curiosity towards different aspects of protein self-assembly and the physical principles governing the process, with an emphasis on research internationalization and interdisciplinary collaborations.

After the lecture, we held a festive reception for colleagues, friends, family and PhD- and Master Students. Professor Hanne Mørck Nielsen, Professor Emerita Bente Vestergaard and Professor Emeritus Sven Frøkjær gave speeches on the occasion. Professor Vito Foderà leads a research team focused on protein stability and self-assembly mechanisms.

Vito Foderà's group aims at translating the fundamental knowledge on these reactions into novel high-impact applications, with a focus on creating advanced materials for nano-medicine and drug delivery, improving safety of protein drug formulations and understanding the etiology of protein-related neurodegenerative diseases. 

To achieve these goals, the group uses theoretical frameworks in combination with experiments mainly based on UV-Vis spectroscopy, X-ray scattering and optical and electron microscopies.