15. december 2023

Innovative drug delivery method for eczema treatments

Pharma Research

Assistant Professor Stine Rønholt from the LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery has received a LEO Foundation Dr Abildgaard Fellowship of DKK 12 mill for the project “Unravelling the potential of ionic liquids as next generation cutaneous drug delivery systems”.

Assistant Professor Stine Rønholt.
Assistant Professor Stine Rønholt.

In this project, Stine Rønholt and her research group will seek to develop new treatments for skin conditions based on a new

approach to drug delivery.

Common but hard to treat diseases

Chronic skin conditions are very common: Up to 25% of the population suffer from chronic, inflammatory skin diseases with atopic dermatitis, eczema, as one of the most frequent conditions. The primary treatment today is immunosuppression, but unfortunately, this treatment is of course followed by the unwanted problems caused by a suppressed immune system.

To avoid suppressing the immune system when treating these skin diseases, and efficiently overcoming the skin barrier, Stine Rønholt will further develop a new drug delivery method using ionic liquids. This is an approach she and her research team has been working on lately and will continue via the Dr Abildgaard Fellowship. Three PhD’s and a post doc will be employed for the project.

New Fellowships for skin research talents from the Leo Foundation

The Dr Abildgaard Fellowships are new grants from the LEO Foundation, established this year with the purpose of supporting skin research talents who have the ambition to establish or expand an independent research group at a not-for-profit Danish research institution, and who aspire to become research leaders. Aida Hansen from SDU and Terkild Buus from UCPH have also received Dr Abildgaard Fellowships.

group photo of Stine Rønholt's group.
From left to right: MSc. Student Sophia Selina Feilberg, Postdoc Ragna Guldsmed Diedrichsen, MSc. Student Sofie Schmidt Christensen,  PhD student Maja Munck Nikolajsen, MSc. Student Ella Gashaw, Assistant Professor Stine Rønholt. Absent on the photo: PhD student Stefanie Dietl and MSc. Student Jesper Skovsgaard Nielsen.