29 September 2023

Inhaled nanomedicines can help chronic respiratory infections

Pharma Research

Associate Professor Mingshi Yang has received 2.8 mill DKK from DFF for the project “Inhaled Nano-Suicide-Particles for Combating Respiratory Biofilm Infections”.

Mingshi Yang
Mingshi Yang

Chronic respiratory infections with biofilm formation are extremely difficult to treat due to poor antibiotic management causing the development of antibiotic resistance and tolerance.

In this project, project leader Mingshi Yang and his team will develop an inhaled new nanomedicine platform capable of destroying biofilms. The biofilms will be destroyed by a co-delivery of multi-antimicrobial agents and releasing them on demand near the biofilm infection to maximize the killing efficacy and minimize the development of antibiotic resistance.

The project encompasses the synthesis and characterization of novel nanoformulations, as well as the evaluation of the antibiotic tolerance and resistance using in vitro alginate beads biofilm model after the treatment with the nanoformulations. The researchers hope that the knowledge generated in this interdisciplinary project will promote the adaptation of new inhaled nanomedicines for clinical use.