12 January 2022

The School-Medicine-Theme Day – a new educational activity in primary schools

Can primary school children read and understand a patient information leaflet? Can they identify alternatives to medicine? Can they explain why some medications are formulated as tablets, while other medications only find their way into the body as inhalation or injection? Can primary school children through discussions and hands-on excises learn more about pain and common pain medications? Moreover, can they learn to handle medicine in a more constructive way?

These questions and many others will be examined by a research team from Department of Pharmacy at Copenhagen 

University and Rigshospitalet in the School-Medicine-Theme Day (SMT) project during the next 1 ½ year, where the project will be developed, implemented and evaluated at no less than 80 schools all over Denmark.

The project is led by project manager, associate professor Lotte Stig Nørgaard from the University of Copenhagen and deputy project manager, clinical pharmacist Bettina Nygaard Nielsen from Rigshospitalet. 

”From the beginning, our ambition has been to establish SMT as a recurring event at Danish schools, and with the funding from Novo Nordisk Fonden, we are now one step closer,” says Lotte Stig Nørgaard and Bettina Nygaard Nielsen.

SMT is a well-established concept consisting of 12 different play- and learning activities. Pharmacists, the society´s pharmaceutical experts, will teach SMT at the local schools.

Video in Danish about the School-Medicine-Theme Day.