20 May 2021

New project grant on patient centeredness

Researchers from the Social and Clinical Pharmacy Group, Department of Pharmacy, have together with researchers from the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics from the University of Copenhagen, the Research Unit of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark, Pharmakon, Patient in Focus, University of Groningen, and Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research received a grant from the EIT Health on 490,852 EUR to develop and test a new post-graduate education for pharmacy staff to tackle drug related problems.

The education is initially targeted towards pharmacists and pharmacy technicians employed at community pharmacies in Denmark and the Netherlands, and aims to increase the detection of drug related problems of especially polypharmacy patients. This is will be achieved by strengthening staff’s competencies within patient centered communication based on the psychological principle of ‘mentalizing’. The researchers from the Social and Clinical Pharmacy Group is heading the project and will be further involved in evaluating the course thoroughly to develop more relevant knowledge on how patient centeredness can resolve drug related problems.

From 2022, the course will be available at Pharmakon in Denmark, and at Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research in the Netherlands. Thereafter, the course is expected to be transferred to more European countries.

Associate Professor Susanne Kaae
+45 35 33 62 73