Pascal Peter Bertsch

Pascal Peter Bertsch


My research focuses on the design of functional soft materials, i.e., emulsions and hydrogels, with applications in drug delivery and tissue regeneration.

Primary fields of research

Emulsions - Emulsions are mixtures of oil droplets in water with a high interfacial area within the two immiscible liquids. Designing this interfacial layer is crucial to obtain stable emulsions, but also dictates how these emulsions are structured and digested in the stomach. I work on emulsions with tailored interfaces with the ability to modulate digestion and satiation, and can ultimately be exploited as drug delivery vehicles for gastric-sensitive drugs.

Hydrogels - Hydrogels are viscoelastic soft materials with high water content and diffusivity. I work on designing hydrogels with tailored structure and mechanical properties that can be exploited for tissue regeneration by providing mechanical support, direct cell behavior, or localized drug delivery.

Current research

Within the scope of an MSCA fellowship, I am working on gastric-stable emulsions as oral delivery systems for therapeutic proteins such as insulin.

ID: 356443067