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Sara Katarina Malekkhaiat Häffner

Sara Katarina Malekkhaiat Häffner

PhD fellow

Sara Malekkhaiat Häffner is a current PhD fellow at the Department of Pharmacy at University of Copenhagen. She is holding a master’s degree in Science of Pharmacy from Uppsala University.

Her project aims to build new knowledge on lipid membrane interactions of inorganic nanoparticles. The knowledge on how nanoparticles interact with membranes is the basic for using them as drug delivery systems and contrast agents. The project intends to clarity how nanoparticles bind and insert into lipid membranes, and the consequences for membrane structure and stability. The project consists of five sub-projects, to address specific aspects of nanoparticle-membrane interactions; i) nanoparticles amphiphilicity, ii) particle size, charge density and van der Waals interactions, iii) internal particle structure, iv) photoactivation and v) externally triggerable local heating.  

ID: 170489809