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Olivia Dzwonkowski

Olivia Dzwonkowski

PhD Student

To screen new drug candidates according to their pharmacokinetic impact on an in vivo and in vitro level, new organisms such as insects are exploited. The grasshopper Schistocerca gregaria shows similar metabolic drug modification reaction (CYP3A4) and physiological entities such as the blood brain barrier (BBB).

My project aims to illuminate and expand drug metabolism in the grasshopper by:

  • Characterizing metabolism reactions with emphasis on conversion reaction by cytochrome P450 and conjugating enzymes using in vitro (microsomes) and in vivo systems
  • Identifying transporter impact over physiological barriers, especially the BBB using the ex vivo model (dissected brain incubation)

My project is managed by:

  • Independent management of timeline, strategy and execution of experimental tasks, sub-projects and teaching of undergraduate students
  • Autonomous and tactical selection of scientific education in form of courses, summer schools and workshops with regard to my further goals of professional development, such as bioinnovation, biobusiness and entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights and management 

I create and contribute to my work environment by:

  • Consistently focussing on optimal performance on a professional and personal level
  • Planning and coordinating meetings with my supervisors and collaborators with ongoing evaluation of outcome and outlook 
  • Living a socially responsible attitude with my colleagues, group members and undergrad students and share a friendly and productive atmosphere of communication 

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