Joo Hanne Poulsen
Joo Hanne Poulsen

PhD fellow

PhD fellow in Clinical and Social pharmacy.

The initial PhD project title is: Patient safety around drug changes

For more information, see "Current research" below.

Current research

The aim of the present project is to improve patient safety of the medication process when challenged by drug changes with a specific focus on situations where patients are self-administering drugs provided by hospitals.

Through detailed analysis we wish to describe and understand the patient safety challenges that appear during drug changes and to identify strategies and develop interventions to secure the patient safety. Different methods will be applied including simulation-based analysis of safety gaps, errors and resilient coping strategies.


Patient safety is highly prioritized in the Danish Health Care system. Despite this, it remains an ongoing challenge. In particular, the medication process is a major challenge.

Data from the Danish national database for adverse events (DPSD) show that medication related adverse events accounts for 25-30% of all reported events from Danish public hospitals. The medication process is complex with many risks of errors. In the present project we focus on high-risk situations where drugs are changing.

When a drug changes it may result in several challenges including change of names, colours, shapes, administration devices, information on the drugs, strengths of the drugs, drug formulation etc. These changes pose a severe risk for the patient safety of the medication process.

Today patients are discharged much faster and more patients are treated on an outpatient basis, thus, more patients are self-administering their medication. It is known that drug changes can lead to patient insecurity and a high level of information, communication and patient empowerment is required to resist errors in the medication process when drug changes.

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