Vito Foderà

Vito Foderà

Associate Professor

I am Associate Professor in Biophysics at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences University of Copenhagen, Denmark leading a highly interdisciplinary research team working at the interface between physics, biology and pharmaceutical sciences.

Team website:

Key Scientific Interests

  • Protein and peptide self-assembly
  • Stability of protein drug formulations
  • Sustainable smart materials for drug delivery
  • Biophysics of protein-membrane interactions
  • Advanced neutron and X-ray scattering for biomolecules

Current research

We use tools derived from physics and chemistry to address the complexity of nano- and micro-scale systems of biological relevance. We love working with proteins and peptides with the aim of understanding the physics laws ruling their stability, self-assembly mechanisms, and interactions with both biological interfaces and other biomolecules. We aim at translating this fundamental knowledge into novel high-impact applications, with a main focus on creating advanced materials for nano-medicine and drug delivery, improving safety of protein drug formulations and understanding the etiology of protein-related neurodegenerative diseases.

To achieve our goals, we use theoretical frameworks in combination with experiments mainly based on UV-Vis spectroscopy, X-ray and neutron scattering and optical and electron microscopies. We work in close connection with both international collaborators in academia, large-scale facilities and national and international industrial entities.

Details on our research projects can be found here.


Main Recent Fundings

China Scholarship Council- PhD Stipend 2022-2025 ~420,000 kr.

Italian Ministry of University and Research, 2 PhD Stipends 2022-2025 ~1M kr.

Innovation Fonden/LeoPharma  Postdoc, 2022-2024  ~1.5 M kr. 

Novo Nordisk A/S Industrial PhD, 2022-2025 ~1.9 M kr. 

Novo Nordisk Foundation Postdoc, 2021-2022 ~ 2 M kr. 

Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Infrastructure, 2020-2024 CPHSAXS 10 M kr. (co-PI)

Villum Young Investigator Program 2018-2023, ~8.6 M kr.

Novo Nordisk A/S Industrial PhD, 2017-2021 ~1.2 M kr.

China Scholarship Council- PhD Stipend 2017-2021 ~420,000 kr.

Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (IEF) for Career Development 2012-2014 . European Union grant €230.000. 


ID: 40722457