Susanne Kaae

Susanne Kaae

Associate Professor


My research in Social Pharmacy is centered around three main topics - all related to improving patients’ well-being with medicines through more individualized care. I combine my pharmaceutical background with social and psychological science to advance these fields:

  1. Improving patient centered communication and coherence across the primary health care sector
  2. Supporting prudent use of antibiotics in South-East Europe
  3. Facilitating implementation of new technologies, such as 3D printed medicines, in society


My methodological expertise is in qualitative sociological methods mainly field observations and interviews which constitutes to two further priority areas in order to improve patient care:

  1. Enhancing use of qualitative methods in the international social pharmacy research community
  2. Establishing translational research in patient centric drug development

Primary fields of research

Pharmacy Practice; Pharmacy Communication; Pharmaceutical Policy

ID: 1303517