Susanne Kaae

Susanne Kaae

Associate Professor




C.V.  Associate Professor Susanne Kaae




Female, Born; 19/11-1971, Denmark






2009              PhD Pharm.


Pharmacy Practice team, Section for Social Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, CPH University




1996              Ms Pharm.


Department of Social Pharmacy, the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Copenhagen






Employment/ positions




2018- : Co-Director, WHO Collaboration Centre for Research and Training in the Patient Perspective on Medicines Use


WHO Regional Office for Europe




2014-2016: Section Head, Section for Social and Clinical Pharmacy


Department of Pharmacy, CPH University




2013-2016: Research Group Leader, Social Pharmacy


Department of Pharmacy, CPH University




2012- : Associate Professor, Social Pharmacy          


Department of Pharmacy, CPH University




2010-2012: Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice


Department of Pharmacy, CPH University




2006-2009: PhD Student, Pharmacy Practice


External stay at: Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Apothekerverbände (ABDA), Berlin, Germany


Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, CPH University




2006-2010: Examiner at the Midwife Education, Pharmacology


University College Nordjylland




2003-2006: Pharmacist with Responsibility for Professional Standards


Roskilde Dom Pharmacy, Roskilde




1996-2002: Community Pharmacist


Kolding Sønderbro Pharmacy, Kolding, Kolding Svane Pharmacy, Hornsyld Pharmacy, Gorms Vejle Pharmacy, Vamdrup Pharmacy, Enghave Pharmacy, Copenhagen,


Research profile


Committed social pharmacy researcher in Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Policy currently involved in projects aimed at improving patient communication in Danish community pharmacies; investigating risk communication processes (direct to health care professionals communication); exploring appropriate use of antibiotics in South-East Europe as well as future implementation of 3D printed medicines in society. Methodological expertise is in qualitative methods mainly field observations and interviews.




Scientific experience


Research, selected examples


2019- : PI:The antibiotic knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of patients, doctors and pharmacists - a qualitative, comparative analysis of the culture of antibiotic use in the Northwest Russia’; collaboration with The National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland and 5 regions in North-West Russia (Nordic Council of Ministers)


2017-: PI:Patient Centered Communication in Community Pharmacy’; collaboration with the Association of Danish Pharmacies; University of Southern Denmark; Pharmakon; Stege Apotek, Århus Marselisborg Apotek, EUPATI Denmark; Faculty of Humanities, CPH University


2016- : ‘Social aspects in additive manufacturing of personalized medicine’; collaboration with Manufacturing and Materials Group, CPH University; Clinical Pharmacology, Bispebjerg Hospital


2014-2019: PI: ‘Understanding knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of antibiotic use in South Eastern Europe’, collaboration with The Health Technology and Pharmaceuticals Group, WHO Regional Office for Europe and 13 countries in South-East Europe


2013-2014: ‘Opstart af nye behandling – hvordan sikres det, at medicinbrugeren kommer godt i gang?’; collaboration with Pharmakon


2009-2014: ‘The Medication Review Collaboration Project’; collaboration with internship community pharmacies, DK


2006-2015: PI: Projects related to the pharmacy ‘Inhaler Technique Assessment Service’




Publications and review work


47 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 2 book-chapters, 1 reprint book and 16 indexed conference abstracts


2019- : Editoral Board: Pharmacy


2017-2018: Guest Editor: Pharmacy, special issue: ‘Communication in pharmacy practice’; Guest Academic Editor: Plos ONE


Reviewer at: Implementation Science, Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Practice; Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice; BMC Research Notes, BMC Infectious Diseases; BMC Health Services Research; Health Research Policy and Systems, Expert Review of Medical Devices; BMJ Open; The European Journal of General Practice; Medical Principles and Practice; Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research; Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety; Patient Education and Counseling; Journal of the American Pharmacists Association; Pharmaceutical Medicine; Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics; Risk Management and Healthcare Policy  




Assessment work


2019: The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Education Grant


2019: Post doc in Social Pharmacy, CPH University 


2017: The Pharmacy Research UK Fund


2016: Professorship in Regulatory Science, CPH University


2016: First Amanuensis in Social Pharmacy, University of Oslo


2016: PhD thesis, Joanna Moullin, University of Sydney


2015: PhD thesis, Pernille Warrer, CPH University (chair)


2015: Associate Professorship in Social Pharmacy, CPH University (chair)


2015: Professorship in Social and Clinical Pharmacy, CPH University


2012: PhD thesis, Kjeld Halvorsen, University of Bergen




Conference committees


2019: Nordic Social Pharmacy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark


2014: Medicingennemgang v.2, Middelfart, Denmark


2013: Nordic Social Pharmacy Conference, Gøteborg, Sweden


2011: Nordic Social Pharmacy Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2011




Organizational work


2018- : Working group: teaching and supervision: Association for Associate Professors and Professors (APPA), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, CPH University


2018- : Teaching Committee, Department of Pharmacy, CPH University


2016- :  National Liaison Team, European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) Denmark


2015- : Scientific Advisory Board, Copenhagen Center for Regulatory Science, CPH University


2014-2016: Research and Innovation Committee, Department of Pharmacy, CPH University


2014-2015: Study Board for the Pharmacy Education, CPH University


2012-2014: Study Board for the Master Education Programs at the Pharmaceutical Faculty, CPH University


2012: Local Liaison Committee, Department of Pharmacy, CPH University






Main-supervision, PhD students:


2017- : Mathias Møllebæk. ‘Factors ensuring effective Direct to Healthcare Professional Communication of Risk Minimization Initiatives’


Co-supervision, Phd students:


2015-2019: Line Due. Biologisk Aldring. ’Identifikation af lægemidler som risikofaktorer’


2017- : Mikkel Lindskov Sachs. ‘Risk perceptions among diabetes patients’


2017: Gitte Borup. ‘Long-term use of nicotine replacement therapy products in Danish consumers’


2015- 2016: Erika Emelie Olsson. ’Mandatory generic substitution in Swedish community pharmacies – effects of a pharmaceutical policy reform’


2014-2016: Rasmus Borup. ‘Counterfeit medicines in Europe’




The Pharmacist Education at the CPH University


Course leadership:                                      


2012- : ‘Social Pharmacy, Dissemination and Method’: compulsory bachelor course (200 students) 


2011-2013, 2016: ‘Pharmaceutical Policy, Economics and Ethics’: compulsory master course (200 students)


2014-2018: ‘Information og kommunikation om lægemidler’: elective master course (25 students)




Supervision – master thesis projects:


2009- : Principal supervisor of 50 master-thesis students in Social Pharmacy in collaboration with: Psykiatrien, Amager; Medicinfunktionen for Almen Praksis, Region H; Klinisk Farmakologisk Afdeling, Bispebjerg Hospital; Lægehuset, Allehelgensgade, Roskilde; Rigshospitalets Sygehusapotek; Vejle Sygehusapotek; Urologisk Klinik, Rigshospitalet; Optimed, Hvidovre Hospital; Lægemiddelstyrelsen; RADS, Danske Regioner; Dansk Selskab for Patientsikkerhed; Linde Apotek, Greve Apotek; SOSU Slagelse; Sydney University; Danmarks Bløderforening; Leo Pharma; Novo Nordisk; Lundbeck; Boehringer Ingelheim; Abbvie




Grants/ sponsorships


2019: Understanding patient perspectives on medicines use for better healthcare - Online training programme. EIT Health: 100.000 EUR


2019: The antibiotic knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of patients, doctors and pharmacists - a qualitative, comparative analysis of the culture of antibiotic use in the Northwest Russia: The National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland (Nordic Council of Ministers): 16.500 EUR


2018: Pilot – Patient Centered Communication in Community Pharmacy: Association of Danish Pharmacies:128.600 DKK


2016: Pharmacoprinting of personalized medicine – its impact on the society. PhD-project: Department of Pharmacy, CPH University: 1.5 mio. DKK


2016: Direct to health care professionals’ communication of pharmaceuticals. Ph.d-project, Copenhagen Center for Regulatory Science: Ferring Pharmaceuticals: 1.5 mio. DKK


2015: Understanding knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of antibiotic use in South Eastern Europe: WHO Regional Office for Europe, Health Technologies and Pharmaceuticals: 25.000 USD


2015: Exchange visit Riga Stradins University: Erasmus Travelling Grant: 455 EURO


2011: Patient perspectives on pharmacy cognitive services in Denmark: Actavis: 20.000 DKK


2010: Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis Course, Utrecht University: Kompetencefonden, Copenhagen University: 6430 DKK




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