Ramune Jacobsen

Ramune Jacobsen

Assistant professor

My research concerns health care services and epidemiology for chronic disease management and prevention, currently with the focus on medicines use. In the social and clinical pharmacy context, I work within medicines use and clinical pharmacy fields, mainly using quantitative research methods.  

The projects I conducted include:

·       feasibility of the model for multi-morbidity care in general practice

·       effects of neonatal vitamin D on chronic disease risk later in life

·       rehabilitation effects on health care utilization in COPD patients

·       barriers to cancer pain management with opioids

The projects I am currently involved are:

·       appropriateness of polypharmacy prescribing assessed using register data

·       development of primary care based interventions to build up vitamin D knowledge in young women with ethnic minority background

·       development of pharmacy and general practitioner collaboration models for medication review

·       effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on cardiovascular risk in obese individuals 

·       questionnaire surveys for awareness and compliance with pregnancy prevention measures when using drugs with teratogenic effects

My teaching consists of quantitative research method teaching and student project supervision. I am furthermore interested in exploring and utilizing online teaching possibilities. 

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