Ebba Holme Hansen
Ebba Holme Hansen

Professor emeritus

Brief CV: Ebba Holme Hansen, R

Position: Professor of Social Pharmacy, Professor emerita

Affiliation: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Section for Social and Clinical PharmacyUniversitetsparken 2, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Tel: +45 35 33 63 53  E-mail: ebba.holme@sund.ku.dk  www.pharmaschool. ku.dk


BSc (pharm) 1966, MSc (pharm) 1968. Postgraduate research training in such areas as biomedical research management, biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics, social psychology, philosophy of science, medical ethics, primary health care, research methodology, qualitative research methods, (more than 30 research courses).

Postgraduate pedagogical training in pedagogical methods, problem-based learning, interactive learning methods, manager-participant driven education and PhD supervision.


Employed by Copenhagen University, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (previously The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences – PHARMA) in various capacities since 1968; Professor, Social Pharmacy, January 1992 to present.

Teaching experience

  • Major teaching duties in the establishment of a new syllabus in pharmaceutics and introduction and development of problem-based learning at PHARMA. Leading role in the introduction and development of a new discipline: ‘Social Pharmacy’ in Denmark and internationally
  • Developed and taught a large number of courses to various audiences at the graduate and post­graduate level, including several PhD courses on research methodology and on scientific writing, in Denmark and abroad
  • Have given more than 2000 lectures and seminars in Denmark and to international audiences.
  • Supervised numerous graduate students’ projects and Master’s students, presently 7
  • Main supervisor for 23 PhD students. Co-supervisor for 4 PhD students

Research interests and experience

User perspectives on medicines; Adherence (compliance) to medication treatment; Medicine use among children and adolescents; Pharmaco­epidemiology; Medicine use and management in developing countries; Pharmaceutical policy; Macroperspectives on medicine supply; Pharmaco-economics; Drug technology assessment; Interventions in health care practice; Gender perspectives on medicine use; Development of scientific knowledge about medication efficacy and safety.

International experience

  • Coordinator/member of several international research projects
  • Conducted research and been a consultant to Danida and WHO in various low-income countries; China, India, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda
  • Consultant to Unicef on medicines for children
  • Thorough insight into low-income countries through e.g. membership of the Board of Danida and the Consultative Research Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Research management and leadership experience

  • Member and chair of a very large number of boards and committees at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and externally
  • Member of scientific committees for several international conferences


  • Research Group Director and Head of Department for Social Pharmacy during three decades. Among the tasks have been development of strategic (research) plans, day-to-day management of the group, fundraising, coordination and establishment of new project groups www.farma.ku.dk /social pharmacy   
  • Research Director for FKL, Research Centre for Quality in Medicine Use. Daily management of the centre. Have initiated and implemented this interdisciplinary and trans-institutional “centre without bricks”, embracing more than 50 researchers from 10 institutions/organisations. http://fkl-center.dk/   
  • Principal Responsible Party for the Danida supported “Quality Medicine Use for Children in Uganda” (ChildMed) 2010-2014. Have developed the overall project plan, administrative and management documents, website, conducted situational analysis, launch workshops, co­ordinated researchers from two universities and seven faculties. http://childmed.ku.dk/
  • Principal Responsible Party for the Danida supported “Enhancement of Research Capacity in Nepal – A Primary Health Care Project” 1992-2005. Have developed the research project and education framework, research methodology courses in Nepal, implemented interdisciplinary research in primary health care and coordinated researchers from seven institutions.
  • Research Manager for Optimum Medicine Use, one of PHARMA’s six Central Research Areas (since 2007)
  • Initiator and coordinator of TUPP – The User Perspective Project. TUPP is a European research network encompassing researchers from 10 European countries who explore the meaning of mood-modifying medicines from a user perspective
  • Coordinator of sub-theme 1.1, Global Health, under theme pack 1 (Living Conditions and Health in Developing Countries), an initiative at the University of Copenhagen

Posts and honorary offices

More than 100 posts. Recent and selected posts:

  • The Sonning Prize Committee, member
  • Director, FKL Research Centre for Quality in Medicine Use (since 1999)
  • Steering Committee for gender research, University of Copenhagen
  • Working Group on Copenhagen University’s strategy for developing countries, member
  • Board of Danida Fellowship Centre, member (2007-2011)
  • Research Council for Development Research, the Danish Ministry of International Development and the Strategic Research Council, member (2006-2008)
  • Board of Danida, the Danish Board for International Development Cooperation (2005-2007)
  • Head of Department of Social Pharmacy (1988-92, 1995-99 and 2002)
  • Konsistorium (the Senate), member (1980-99 and 2002)
  • Danish Pharmaceutical Society, president (1994-2001)
  • Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR, WHO), member, 1997-2002.
  • European Drug Utilisation Research Group (Euro DURG), founding and EXCO member
  • Danish Society of Pharmacoepidemiology, founding and EXCO member

 Recent evaluations and assessments

  • Chair, Norwegian Research Council’s International Committee for a strategic plan for development of pharmaceutical research
  • Associate Professors in Social Pharmacy, Gothenburg University, Sweden, and Tromsø University, Norway
  • Professors of Social Pharmacy, Helsinki University, Oslo University and University of Bergen
  • Adjunct Professor of Pharmacoeconomics, University of Southern Denmark
  • PhD theses (several), University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen
  • Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • Professor of Public Health, Nordic School of Public Health, Gothenburg
  • Opponent of Doctoral theses, Uppsala University and Nordic School of Public Health, Gothenburg
  • Reviewer for the World Health Organization on the joint WHO/FIP Handbook ‘Developing pharmacy practice – a focus on patient care’; Geneva
  • Several assessments for the Norwegian Research Council
  • Peer reviewer for many international journals

Grants and donations

Received approx. 53 million DKK in approx. 50 grants from e.g. Danish Ministry of Education; Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; Danish Medical Research Council; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark; The Health Insurance Foundation; Danish Medicines Agency; National Board of Health; The Pharmacy Foundation of 1991; The Drug Research Academy; The Hørslev Foundation and several other private foundations.

Honorary Awards

Lektor Marie Lønggaards rejselegat [Lecturer Marie Lønggard’s travel award]

Apoteker, Mag.Scient. Alfred Walks Legat til det Farmaceutiske Studiums Fremme [Apothecary, Mag.Scient. Alfred Wølks award to enhance studies in pharmacy]

Ridder af Dannebrogordenen [Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog]

Publication and dissemination

  • 15 books, more than 200 scientific articles, chapters in books and reports
  • Numerous popular articles, abstracts etc.
  • Frequent mass media presentations

Fifteen selected publications before 2008

Hansen EH. Rationality and Common Sense in Danish Drug Therapy. Journal of Social and Administrative Pharmacy 1988;5:105-113.

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Mishra P, Hansen EH, Sabroe S, Kafle KK. Socio-economic position and adherence to tuberculosis treatment: case-control study from a district in Nepal. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases 2005;9:1134-1139.

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Andersen A, Krølner R, Holstein BE, Due P, Hansen EH. Medicine use among 11- and 13-year-olds: agreement between parents’ reports and children’s self-reports. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2007 Apr;41:581-586. Published online 27 March 2007. DOI: 10.1345/aph.1H579.

Christensen A, Christrup LL, Fabricius PE, Hansen EH. Patient acceptance of a tablet reminder device. Journal of Medical Marketing 2007;7:152-61.


Professor emerita

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