Research areas

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  1. Joanna Lam

    Professor with special responsibilities

    Person: VIP

  2. Kristian Cedervall Lauta

    Associate dean for education

    • Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research
    • Faculty Management - allocation - Associate dean for education

    Person: TAP

  3. Joseph Lookofsky

    Professor emeritus

    • Faculty of Law Research Centres - allocation - Professor emeritus

    Person: External

  4. Ingrid Lund-Andersen


    • JUR Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law - Professor

    Person: VIP

  5. Matthijs Michiel Maas

    PhD fellow

    • PhD programme - PhD fellow

    Person: VIP

  6. Sorcha MacLeod

    Marie Curie Fellow

    • Centre for Enterprise Liability - Marie Curie Fellow

    Person: VIP

  7. Mikael Rask Madsen

    Director of centre, professor

    Person: VIP

  8. Iryna Marchuk

    Associate Professor

    • Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies - Associate Professor

    Person: VIP