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PhD at Department of Pharmacy

The Department employs some 15 new PhD students annually, and we currently have between 70 and 75 students on the PhD programme. 

PhD Student and employee

As a PhD student, you are a student and yet you are employed on a salary. To enroll, you can apply for vacant posts, or you and your supervisor can submit your own research project proposal and apply for some or all of your funding from other departments and foundations.

PhD programme

The PhD programme is a three-year full-time course concluding with a scientific thesis. Successful completion is rewarded by a PhD. The programme is attached to a university or another place of higher education. To apply you need to have completed your master's degree.

How the programme is structured

The programme consists of an independent research project. You also attend relevant course modules, you teach, you write articles, and communicate your findings in other ways; you attend conferences, and you will often be attached to several active research groups, some of which should ideally be international.


Based on your original research you write a PhD thesis to be assessed by a committee. You defend your thesis at a public viva examination.

You can read more about the PhD programme on the Graduate School website.