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Master of Industrial Drug Development (MIND)

Are you in need of continuing education, that can give you a broad overview of and the ability to understand the connections between all stages of the development process from discovery to clinical trials, registration and marketing?
Then have a look at the education "Master of Industrial Drug Development"

Read the MIND brochure and get informations about:

  • purpose and layout of the programme
  • typical participants
  • members of faculty and advisory board
  • courses and interviews with students, graduates and their employers.

See the MIND folder 2016.

Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs (MRA)

Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs is a new Masters' programme at the University of Copenhagen. We welcome new students from September 2016.

Experts within regulatory affairs are essential for companies facing an increasingly complex approval process for bringing new products to market. The Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs therefore, educates regulatory experts who can help secure their company a safe, coherent and successful regulatory process.

Read more about Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs (MRA).
See the MRA Folder (e-pages).