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Section of Social and Clinical Pharmacy

Social pharmacy seeks to have the broad view of medicines in society and focuses on how medicines are perceived, used, and managed by different actors in society. Clinical pharmacy seeks to ensure the optimal and rational use of medicines for the benefit of patients and society through collaboration between pharmacists, other health professionals, and the patient.

Social and Clinical Pharmacy's (SCP's) research ultimately seeks to ensure the benefit of medicines for users, organizations, and society (d. "Sikre god gavn af lægemidler").
The benefit of medicines can be viewed in a multitude of ways depending on the perspective.

In order to fulfill this mission SCP’s research connects the perspectives of the user of medicines level; the organizational level (where the user meets the health care system and health care professionals); and societal level (where various stakeholders influence the environment of medicines).

Social and Clinical Pharmacy's research is concerned with these three levels (the user, organization and society) and how they interact to ensure the optimal use of medicines.

SCP’s vision is through its research to contribute to a better life with medicines through the newest knowledge about users, organizations and society and how these interact to shape medicines use in society.

SCP’s researchers are open to changes in society and constantly seek to adapt their work to currently relevant research directions, theories, and methods, as well as being active in shaping the field. SCP continues to be the epicenter for social and clinical pharmacy research in the Nordic countries.

(d. "At skabe et bedre liv med lægemidler via nyeste viden om bruger, organisation og samfund")

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