Excipients and Drug Delivery – University of Copenhagen

Excipients and Drug Delivery

Excipients play an essential role in drug delivery. Our research goal is to explore the application potentials of functional excipients based on a better understanding of excipient effects on drug release and absorption, as well as interactions between excipients and drug molecules.

We are working with both lipids and polymeric excipients, and are especially interested in lipid excipients due to their versatility and stability, as well as the potential in controlling drug release. The rationale for the use of lipid excipients in sustained release formulations is based on our expertise on lipid digestion and absorption as well as a good understanding of drug release mechanisms from lipid particles.

Our main research activities include modifying excipients and drug molecules to change their physicochemical properties and absorption pathways, designing and characterizing drug carriers such as solid lipid nanoparticles and hybrid microparticles, and optimizing formulations with desired properties based on the understanding at the molecular level.