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The role of endocrine disrupting pharmaceuticals in obesity development

Public awareness concerning endocrine disrupting drugs has increased the last few years, as these are presumed to affect reproductive ability and to increase the occurrence of hormone-dependent cancers. Some of these drugs also have other side effects such as weight gain.

Endocrine disrupting drugs are, however, generally much less potent than physiological hormones, and therefore there is doubt as to whether or not these substances can affect humans. Recent research indicate that simultaneous exposure to a cocktail of endocrine disrupting drugs, each at a concentration below the effect level, might result in a significant additive or synergistic effect.

We use in vitro and in vivo assays to investigate the mechanisms by which EDPs and/or their metabolites affect hormone homeostasis and obesity development.
Steroid hormones are analysed using GC/MS-MS.
We also use qPCR to analyse mRNA changes for enzymes in the steroidogenesis.