Continuous Manufacturing of Personalized Medicine – University of Copenhagen


Continuous Manufacturing of Personalized Medicine

Prescribing medicine today is based on a One Size Fits All principle. We have, however, a need for more personalized solutions in several critical therapy areas. Recent developments within the genomics and diagnostic fields have enabled development of new innovative medicinal products that rely on a combination of diagnostic tools and personalized dose. This approach is paving the way towards future health care systems based on personalized medicines.

Limited attention has so far been given to the personalized dosage form requirements for optimal therapeutic performance. Innovations in formulation and manufacturing technologies are required to alleviate potential problems. Especially, manufacturing of medicinal products is a conservative field with very little space for modification and flexibility.

This projects aims to provide practical manufacturing solutions to enable production of personalized medicines in continuous processing mode using particle engineering, printable dosage forms, extrusion and innovative combinations of the same. This will be achieved by focusing on the mechanisms that define precision of dose, release characteristics and combination of different compounds into one medicinal product.