Micro/nanoparticle engineering for medical use – University of Copenhagen


Micro/nanoparticle engineering for medical use

Micro/nanoparticulate systems may provide a few functionalities to bio-actives for medical uses such as drug delivery, tissue engineering and new therapies.

Mechanistic understanding of the formation of the micro/nanoparticles and their impact on bio-environment is essential for rational design of these systems.

The aim of our projects is to study the physical and chemical mechanisms that determine the engineering of aforementioned micro/nanoparticles, the interplay between the particles and bio-membranes or cells, as well as the mechanisms that control the release of the bio-actives from the micro/nanoparticulate systems in vitro and in vivo.

The goal is to engineer micro/nanoparticles or nano-structured composite particles via wet chemistry or atomization technologies including spray-drying, spray freeze-drying and electrospraying/electrospinning for respiratory, per oral or subcutaneous administration of poorly water-soluble drugs, protein/peptide drugs and siRNA, or tissue engineering.

The physical and chemical degradation of the bio-actives upon various processing will also be characterized.

Ongoing PhD projects:

Mechanistic understanding of the interaction of pharmaceutical polypeptides and lipophilic/hydrophilic excipients during processing and in vitro assay (Shuying Ji, 2013-2016) main supervisor

Porous silicon based particulate drug delivery system for oral delivery of proteins and peptides for diabetes therapy (Neha Shrestha, 2013-2016) co-supervisor in collaboration with University of Helsinki

A lipid based drug delivery strategy for improving efficacy of apomorphine for neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson’s disease (Nrupa Borkar, 2013-2016) co-supervisor

Understanding the role of lipid excipients in oral delivery of biopharmaceuticals (Philip C.B. Christophersen, 2011-2014) co-supervisor

Rational design of particulate delivery system for biopharmaceuticals (Feng Wan, 2011-2014) main supervisor

Design of functional lipid nanoparticles for oral delivery of protein/peptide drugs and study of absorption mechanism (Xiuying Li, 2010-2015) co-supervisor in collaboration with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Postdoc project:

Design and formulation of multifunctional nanostructured particles for local pulmonary delivery of siRNA (Dr. Adam Bohr, 2013-2015) in collaboration with University Paris-Sud, France