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06 March 2018

CORS hosted an International Symposium for Young Researchers in Regulatory Science


On February 27, Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science and Biopeople welcomed 24 young researchers in the regulatory science of medicines together with their supervisors.

It was a unique platform for discussion and collaboration for young researchers coming from different parts of the worldꟷwith various backgroundsꟷand representing six universities: Gifu University, University of Copenhagen, Utrecht University, University of Groningen, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University. The symposium was collaboratively organized by two PhD fellows: Mathias Møllebæk (CORS) and Lotte Minnema (Utrecht University). Link to the event announcement. 

"It was inspiring realizing that everybody here had the same goal: we are all here for the patient.

Pieter Glerum, Maastricht University

 Young researchers had an opportunity to present their research projects and get valuable comments and questions from peers and senior researchers. Afterward, they were working in groups developing future research topics for regulatory science. 

"I really enjoyed the afternoon discussion, where I could think more deeply about the differences between Japanese and European approach towards the regulatory science and ask my group the questions I had.

Tomoko Matsumoto, Gifu University

Students made full use of the symposium’s international setting, addressing the issues within regulatory science with a global and cross-cultural perspective. Senior researchers evaluated group’s presentations, and the groups with the best performance and ideas were awarded, accordingly.

We have briefly talked to some of the students about their experience at the symposium and their ideas regarding further collaboration between the young researchers in regulatory science.

"Most of us are developing tools and new methodologies. Because the field is so new there is a lot of potential for cooperationꟷeven though we work in slightly different areasꟷeach of us is building bridges from their disciplines towards more or less the same goal.

Guilherme Ferreira, Utrecht University

"It is important to start cooperation on the student level since in five years young people will start making decisions. The definition of regulatory science is quite vague, and the interpretation of the regulatory science differs from person and region. Thus, the cooperation between the regions is also important to find a universal language.

Masashi Kikuchi, Gifu University