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Summer course: Transparency and Trustworthiness in Drug Delivery

This 5-day intensive summer course is in the program of Copenhagen Summer University. It is intended for professionals working with the development, approval, and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals. 

Dilemmas of transparency and trustworthiness are unavoidable when working in drug development. This course provides a space where you can debate real-life cases with relevant stakeholders. Pharmaceutical ethics awareness enables you to develop innovative ways to increase transparency and trustworthiness throughout the whole lifecycle of a medicinal product. Understanding the different stakeholders’ perspectives and dilemmas will provide you with better tools and arguments to put together a trustworthy regulatory dossier.

CORS director, Marieke De Bruin, will also be one of the teachers at this course.

For more information regarding the course content, registration and other practical details, visit the course’s page (link).