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The Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science (CORS)

About Regulatory Science

We define Regulatory Science as "The science of developing new tools, standards and approaches to evaluate the efficacy, safety, quality and performance of medical products in order to assess benefit-risk and facilitate a sound and transparent regulatory decision making".

About the Centre

The Vision

The Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science (CORS) aims at being the international partner for academic leadership in regulatory science, research and education and to participate in building the regulatory framework that will make innovative medicinal products available to patients.

The Mission

The Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science will become a powerful Centre for Regulatory Science, influencing and conducting regulatory research and education in an international perspective. The research and education of the Centre makes a clear mark on regulatory decision-making – to the benefit of stakeholders such as patients, authorities, payers and industry.

Research Projects

With our research, we want to improve the drug regulatory system, by systematically studying its structure and behaviour as well as designing new tools to facilitate regulatory decision-making. Through improvement of the drug regulatory system, we aim to contribute to an improvement of the health of the society.
Furthermore, we carry out research that produces evidence to be used in drug regulatory decision-making. See research projects. 

CORS RegiSci ecosystem (pdf format)

OrganizationTil toppen

The Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science (CORS) is based at and refers to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen. CORS is headed by the full professor in Regulatory Science, Marie Louise (Marieke) De Bruin, who is appointed as centre director. The centre is supported by a Steering Committee and a Scientific Advisory Board which have been established at the Centre. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has been constituted by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, and will support the establishment of the Centre and oversee the strategic, administrative and financial development of the Centre.

Steering Committee (pdf)
Steering Committee - Terms of Reference and Minutes from Meetings.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board has been appointed by the Centre Board of Directors and includes representatives from the Centre partners. The Board will advise the management of CORS on research, education and projects. The Board consists of persons from the international stakeholder community of regulatory sciences, including patient interest groups, public authorities and the industry.

Scientific Advisory Board (pdf)
Scientific Advisory Board - Terms of Reference and Minutes from Meetings.

PartnersTil toppen

University of Copenhagen

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences:
Dept. of Pharmacy
Dept. of Drug Design and Pharmacology
Dept. of Clinical Medicine
Dept. of Public Health

Faculty of Law:
Centre for Information and Innovation Law

Faculty of Humanities:
Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication

Faculty of Social Sciences

Pharmaceutical Industry

Novo Nordisk A/S
H. Lundbeck A/S
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
LEO Pharma A/S


Danish Medicines Agency