19 March 2020

Martin Malmsten elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences


Martin Malmsten has been elected member of the prestigious Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the Class for Engineering Sciences.

A Swede himself, Professor Martin Malmsten is the group leader of Surface and Colloid Chemistry research group as well as of the LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery (LFCCDD).

His research at the Univeristy of Copenhagen focuses on cutaneous drug delivery of both amphilic peptides and low molecular weight drugs, where current efforts are aimed to the combination of advanced analytical techniques, novel delivery systems, and novel biological models as a tool to reach improved therapeutic outcome.

He is behind 15 patent families in the form of granted patents or patent applications and has helped found a number of companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry. They base their activities precisely on the antimicrobial peptides he has studied. These are sometimes called the body's own antibiotics and could play an important role in the fight against bacteria that have become resistant to conventional antibiotics.

Read the original announcement on the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’s website (in Swedish).