9 December 2020

Kasper D. Rand receives prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant


The European Research Council has awarded Professor MSO Kasper D. Rand, Department of Pharmacy, a €2 million grant for his project aimed at developing a sensitive new technology to study the dynamic structure of proteins. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the Microscale Analytics Group.

New technology to look at dynamic proteins

Kasper D. Rand, head of the Protein Analysis Group, receives the ERC grant for his project aimed at developing a new microchip technology called HDXchip. If he succeeds, the technology will enable analysis of difficult protein systems of unprecedented complexity, which otherwise escape analysis from the technologies currently available.

Proteins are amazing dynamic nanomachines that play vital roles in the human body but we still know too little about the dynamic structure of many important proteins. HDXchip could revolutionize the ability of researchers to analyse the dynamics of proteins and reveal, for the first time, how they work and can be targeted by drugs. HDXchip technology could thus, for instance, be used by pharmaceutical companies to design more efficient medicine to treat many common diseases that involve protein malfunction.

‘I am extremely happy and honoured to receive the ERC Consolidator Grant. The grant creates a unique and fantastic opportunity for me and my research group to focus on the HDXchip project over the next five years. These kinds of grants are rare, and they enable us to undertake very ambitious research projects that requires a sustained and focused long-term effort to succeed’, he says.

It is the first time that a researcher at Department of Pharmacy obtains one of the ERC grants from the EU, which are highly contended.


This article is a modified version of the article first published on the website of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.