16 January 2020

Artificial Skin receives new SYNERGY grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation


A team of four Principal Investigators, including Professor Jörg P. Kutter (Microscale Analytical Systems group) has received a SYNERGY grant from Novo Nordisk Foundation for 15 million DKK.

The team includes Associate Professor Jonathan Brewer (SDU, main applicant), Assistant Professor Kedar Natarajan (SDU) and Associate Professor Jakub Szedinski (University of Copenhagen, DanStem).

The project will develop 3D bioprinting to make artificial human skin for a number of basic and applied research problems. It will particularly support research in the effects of mechanical stimuli on skin growth, and on the understanding of the physiological behaviour of skin at the single cell level.

Methods will include 3D bioprinting, microfluidics, cell mechanics, embryogenesis, single cell sequencing, as well as a range of modern microscopy and imaging techniques.

The project is funded for four years, starting in March 2020.