2 July 2019

PhD student Cosima Hirschberg wins the first prize in an AstraZeneca poster competition


PhD student Cosima Hirschberg (Manufacturing and Materials research group) won the poster prize for the ‘Most Innovative Research Poster’, sponsored by AstraZeneca at the 9th International Granulation workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Cosima Hirschberg holding her certificate

The title of the poster is All you need is two tablets – how axial recovery is the key to a precise out-of-die tablet density prediction. The participating posters were judged on their clarity, presentation and novelty.

This event attracts more than 300 participants, with an even distribution of representatives from academia and industry, including Nestle, P&G, AstraZeneca, GSK, and BASF. It is one of the major events for powder-handling people from different fields, including chemical engineering, food sciences and pharma.

You can read the full poster here: All you need is two tablets