19 September 2019

Cross-faculty cooperation provides fundamental understanding of dehydration of drug crystals


Successful cross-faculty cooperation within drug crystals has made it to the cover of CrystEngComm journal.

Drug crystals containing water are very common, and pose a serious problem for formulation of tablets, because the stability of the tablets will depend on air temperature and humidity.

The mechanisms of uptake and release of water from the microscopic crystals in the tablets are not well understood. However, a new approach involving the combination of molecular dynamics simulations, solid state NMR and X-ray diffraction has cast new light on these processes. The approach has been developed in a cross-faculty collaboration between researchers from the Materials and Manufacturing group at the Department of Pharmacy (Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) and the group of Prof. Stephan Sauer at the Department of Chemistry (Faculty of Science), at the University of Copenhagen. 

"It has been known for a long time that the dehydration processes often proceed through a cascade of metastable states. Our approach allows us to reveal the structures of these states, along with the transition between them" ,says postdoc Anders Støttrup Larsen. He is the first author of the paper appearing on the front page of the July edition of the journal CrystEngComm.

For further information, please contact Anders Ø. Madsen or Jukka Rantanen. The paper can be found by following the link http://xlink.rsc.org/?DOI=C9CE00460B.Front page of CrystEngComm