15 May 2018

Professor Jukka Rantanen received a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark


Jukka Rantanen has been granted DKK 5,9 million from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for the project “PCP2 – Particles for Continuously operating Powder handling Processes.”

Associate Professor Anders Madsen and Assistant Professor Johan Bøtker, both scientists from the Department of Pharmacy, will also contribute to the project.

“Powders behaving badly”

The goal of the project is to decode the role of particle habit affecting the behavior of bulk powder. Instead of accepting the existing production equipment, this project is aiming to explore new production principles. The approach will be in silico based optimization of crystallization process and related downstream processing of particulate solids. In this way, the project aims to tackle the “bad behavior” of powders by 3D printing tailor-made production lines.