23 November 2017

Sapere Aude Starting grant for Researcher at Department of Pharmacy


Associate Professor Korbinian Löbmann has been granted the prestigious starting grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Independent Research Fund Denmark's Sapere Aude programme aims to provide young research talent with the best conditions for producing research and results of a high international caliber. A Sapere Aude Starting Grant provide researchers with a unique opportunity to head up a research team that will help them realize their ground-breaking research ideas. Each of the new research heads will receive roughly six million DKK.

Associate Profesor Korbinian Löbmann

Associate Profesor Korbinian Löbmann

Competition for Sapere Aude: DFF Starting Grants have been extremely popular this year with 388 applications received. After reviews and interviews conducted by an international academic committee, the Fund released 29 grants, one of which is destined for Associate Professor Korbinian Löbmann at the Department of Pharmacy.

Read more about Korbinian Löbmann and his project "Microwave activation of pharmaceutical oral dosage forms"
(in Danish).

Press release from Independent Research Fund Denmark.